Dean's Message

Livestock is an important sector of agriculture and occupies a unique position in the National Agenda of the economic development of the present government. The sector meets the domestic demand of milk, meat and eggs. It also provides net source of foreign earnings. More than 8.0 million rural families are involved in raising livestock. It is central to the livelihood of the rural poor in the country and can play an important role in poverty alleviation and can uplift the socioeconomic conditions of our rural masses. The Livestock sector contributed 56.3 percent in the agriculture recorded a positive growth of 4.1 percent in 2014-15 against 2.8 percent growth during the same period last year. Whereas it contributed 11.8 percent to the national GDP during 2014-15 11.8 percent during the same regime Gross value addition of livestock has increased from Rs. 778.3 billion (2013-14) to Rs. 801.3 billion (2014-15), recorded an increase of 3.0 percent as compared to previous year.

The Faculty of Animal Production & Technology with its’ six Departments i.e. Livestock Production, Poultry Production, Animal Nutrition, Dairy Technology, Meat Science and Technology, Leather & Fiber Technology is keeping pace with the requirements of allied sectors by fulfilling the needs of human resource, development of appropriate technologies and conducting problem oriented research. Besides offering different courses for the Degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, two unique 4 years duration professional degree programs, namely, B.S. (Hons.) Poultry Science and B.S. (Hons.) Dairy Technology, are being successfully conducted at the Faculty with graduating four sessions until 2014. Many short training courses & diploma courses are also offered for the farmers and stake holders in the field of livestock, poultry production and animal products technology. Two new Diploma courses, namely, Dairy Herd Management & Poultry Assistant Diploma have been recently initiated to meet the needs of dairy and poultry industry.

To improve quality of education and practical skills of the students, the Faculty has developed three different research and training centers at Ravi Campus Pattoki, namely, Small Ruminants Training and Research Centre, Poultry and Dairy Animals Training and Research Centre and Dairy Training and Development Centre. Avian Research and Training (ART) Centre has also been established at Feroze Pur Rood, Lahore, with the purpose of providing practical insight and training to the students in the field of avian production.

I welcome the students getting admission in different undergraduate degree programs of this prestigious professional University. I am confident that the students will enjoy excellent environment for education, training and their future career development. I wish the students best of luck and success in all their future endeavors.


Prof. Dr. Saima