Departmental Impact

Policy, process or practice on waste disposal - Covering hazardous materials


The Dairy Department at UVAS serves as a valuable resource for providing specialized expert advice to local, regional, and national governments. Their expertise encompasses various aspects of the dairy industry, from production and quality control to policy recommendations. They play a critical role in formulating and implementing dairy-related policies, ensuring sustainable growth and food security. By offering data-driven insights and technical guidance, they contribute to informed decision-making processes, enhancing the overall dairy sector's efficiency and resilience.


Department of Dairy Technology being pioneer in offering dairy technology degree program aspire to provide quality education and training for development of well skilled manpower. Department has stimulating and conducive learning atmosphere with intellectual and technological tools necessary to meet the global challenges in the discipline for the benefit of our society and economic uplift of our country. The motto of department is ‘learn today, do tomorrow'. Highly motivated and professionally skilled faculty fortitudes to keep the pace of growth of department in skyward direction


Department of Dairy Technology UVAS, has been playing its pivotal role in indicating the required strategies to the policy parlors of the Government. During COVID 19 pandemic, UVAS has convened an online meeting with all stakeholders of Livestock and Poultry sector including representatives of academia, L&DD Department Govt. of Punjab, farmers, farmer`s associations, processing companies and exporters. The required measures to ensure sustainability of food supply chain were discussed in detail.