Departmental Impact

Health outreach programs/projects in the local community on hygiene, nutrition, family planning, sports, exercise etc.


The Department's proactive involvement in health outreach programs and projects across various regions in Punjab is truly commendable. Through their seminars and workshops in Upper Punjab, South Punjab, and Central Punjab, they are making a positive impact on the local community's health and well-being. These initiatives likely cover diverse health-related subjects, enhancing awareness and knowledge among residents. By extending their reach across multiple regions, the department is actively contributing to improving public health outcomes and fostering a healthier


Department of Dairy Technology under Capacity Building Project organized an interactive seminar on “Latest trends and Opportunities of Investment for the uplift of Dairy Sector at College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Jhang. The session was attended by more than 70 dairy farmers comprising small-scale farmers and progressive commercial farmers of the locality. Officials from LnDD department Dr. Muhammad Khalid Farooq (Director RCCIB Jhang), Dr. Abdul Rehman (DDL Jhang), Dr. Muhammad Usman (RCCIB Jhang), Amir Javed Gill (Progressive Farmer), Officers from PFA Muhammad Shahbaz (Deputy Director Operation, PFA Jhang), GM Sharif Dairy Muhammad Faheem were also present at the event. Sajid Haneef CO Fill N Pack presented small machinery for milk value addition at sight.


Department of Dairy Technology, UVAS in collaboration with LnDD has organized a seminar titled 'Importance of Quality and Hygiene in Loose milk supply chain. Dr. Muhammad Junaid was the resource person. This seminar was focused on sanitation and hygienic practices in loose milk supply chain.