Departmental Impact

Access to local farmers and food producers on food security and sustainable agriculture/aquaculture knowledge, skills/ technology


Providing local farmers and food producers with access to knowledge, skills, and technology in the realms of food security and sustainable agriculture/aquaculture is vital for promoting resilient and environmentally conscious food systems. By facilitating this access, we empower communities to implement more efficient and sustainable farming practices, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing environmental impacts. Equipping farmers with the latest technological advancements and best practices fosters increased productivity, better crop yields, and healthier livestock. Moreover, sharing knowledge about sustainable agriculture and aquaculture techniques ensures food security not only for the present but also for future generations, contributing to the long-term sustainability of local food production systems.



Department of Dairy Technology Organized a Three Days Training Program “Entrepreneurship in Dairy Value chain” to create awareness among the dairy farmers and stakeholder regarding dairy farm management and economics. The workshop drew the intended number of participants, which included progressive farmers and entrepreneurs. This training program was focused on Calculating financial ratios for Livestock Businesses, Issues for farmers regarding expenses and sale of product, Solutions regarding costing, discussing issues regarding profitability, discussing current supply chain, converting supply chain with value chain, Farm Business techniques, Management techniques, Latest trends in Marketing and needed measures for future marketing.


Department of Dairy Technology in collaboration with Sialkot Chambers has conducted series of onsite hands on training to village female dairy farmers and male milk suppliers. The idea of these training was to provide the participants exposure of the dairy industry and knowledge based interactive learning to overcome challenges related to food security and sustainable agriculture in the discipline of dairy production, processing, safety and value addition