Departmental Impact

Interventions to target hunger among students and staff


Department of Dairy Technology, UVAS plays a pivotal role in addressing hunger among students and staff through its expertise in dairy product production. By actively participating in food assistance programs, the department can supply nutritious dairy products such as Laban, desi ghee, flavored milk, butter, and cheese to those in need. Additionally, the department can collaborate with local dairy producers to ensure a consistent supply of these items, promoting sustainability. Through research and innovation, they can also develop specialized, cost-effective dairy products to meet the specific dietary requirements of the campus community, contributing significantly to hunger alleviation initiatives.


For the university's students and employees, PG students are creating flavored milk, Laban and Cheese as part of this project. The major goal is to motivate faculty and staff to incorporate high-quality dairy products into their diets.


Department of Dairy Technology has initiated a small scale business venture which is run by post graduate students of the department. As per this initiative PG students is preparing flavor milk and Laban for the students and staff of the university. The main idea is to encourage students and staff to add good quality dairy products in their life.