Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization

Functions of ORIC

Intellectual Property and Legal Services

Review and analyze all new invention disclosures

  • Identify and establish collaborations and/or licensing agreements associated with the Institute’s intellectual property.
  • Identify potential synergies for University with non-profit research Institutes and academic licensing offices
  • Enhance culture of IP capture, including an ongoing evaluation of Institute research for IP potential.
  • Conduct collaborative research agreement review for PIs conducting research under a contract with outside institutions
  • Oversee any litigation that may arise related to Institute IP Manage any infringement matters that may arise related to Institute IP
  • Monetize royalty streams from licenses
  • Oversee IP webpage, in conjunction with the web committee
  • Work with Development Office to promote Institute IP success stories. Utilize success stories to leverage commercialization efforts.
  • Collaborate with the Principal Liaison for Technical Marketing and Licensing on the commercialization of the Institute’s IP in coordination with manager industrial linkages