Directorate of Advanced Studies

Major Activities


Academic Activities

  • Constitution of Statutes and Regulation for M. Sc. (Hons.) / M. Phil and Ph.D. degree programme.

  • Preparation of revised curricula/syllabi, their approval and implementation from various statutory bodies

  • Approval of rules (Terms of References) for the conduct of Business of the ASRB.

  • Approval of relevant qualification required for admission to Postgraduate Degree Programmes (Determination of Relevance).

  • Admission policy for post-graduate (M. Sc Hons.) M. Phil and Ph. D classes.

  • Change of Nomenclature of Postgraduate Degree from M. Sc. (Hons.) to M. Phil.

  • Publication of compendium, containing revised course contents of curricula to be taught to Postgraduate classes.

  • HEC Minimum Quality Criteria for the M. Phil / Ph. D level studies (GRE, International / GRE (NTS)

  • Regularization of admission process for M. Phil, M. Phil leading to Ph. D and Ph. D degree program.

  • Conducting staff development course in collaboration with Human Resource Development Centre sponsored by the National Academy of Higher Education HEC?Islamabad.

  • Registration of societies / clubs / research groups of the university