Job Description of Each Post in the EMS System

Faculty /Staff advisor

The faculty advisor is not involved necessarily with the day to day running of the services. but is more of a problem solver in times of confusion . He is responsible for ensuring that the system is running smoothly and all that the glitches that might arises in the way of service are removed. Moreover ,he is also a source of ideas and help in deciding how to implement them .


The person must hold any other council head post of the year to become eligible for President. His / her role to help facilitate the functioning of each council post and for this he/she needs to be laissez faire and not authoritative.  Therefore, his job includes:

  • Help in getting, sponsors.
  • Dealing in higher administration.
  • Hold accountability for all members.

Head of operation

  • Allocate daily and events specific duties the MFRs.
  • Prepare and communicates standardized procedures for the handling emergencies ( for the MRFs), including  contingency plan.
  • Ensure quality in the work of the MRFs within the EMS system.
  • Manage and maintain a strong network of MRFs within the system.

Head of administration

The admin department basically handles all matters of the EMS which are connected to the administration. This entails that EMS department is involved with every other department on the regular basis. This because the offices, operations training all the need regular contact with the authorities and this is done via the admin department. The admin helps the various departments in the following ways:

  • Training : the admin ensures that the required authorities and multimedia is booked in the advance of the training sessions
  • Marketing: the admin has to get all banners, posters, etc approved and printed by the authorities .
  • Offices: the admin has to ensure that the office gets all its equipment authorities and has to insure that the required indents have been issued.
  • Operations: the admin has to ensure the operation team can function smoothly .thus includes making sure that MRFs can have access to all areas of the university at all times, without any hindrance.

Head of training and development

The head of the training is responsible for the overseeing the training within and outsides.

He/ she must be a trained MRFs with exemplary skills to inculcate and inspire a desire to learn, it imperative with this imperative that he she has good communication skill to interact with trainees to ensure effective learning and work closely with the administration and the inventory department.

Job duties

  • Interviewing and selecting trainees through a transparent system.
  • Formulation and organizing a training outline suitable for the trainees to manage with their studies and assigning lectures to various instructions accordingly to their availability.
  • Collaborate with other social work societies and volunteers organizations within and outsides for example rescue 1122

Head of Marketing and Publicity

A team of talented students has been assembled to carry out marketing and publicity tasks and a head is responsible to coordinating and supervising these tasks . this position entails :

  • The arrangement of funds and sponsorship to carry out EMS activities inside and outsides the institutes.
  • Assigning three people responsible for designated standees, banners, fliers and EMS throughout campus, distribution and placement of the all promotional gear is also carried out by this team.
  • Making sure 1 person is responsible for designing and updating the EMS websites throughout the year.

Head of offices, procurement and equipment

The persons in charge of the office and equipment will have the following duties:

  • Ensure all MRFs fill out forms after emergencies.
  • Procure equipment as soon as supplies run out.
  • Prepare equipment for the training and sporting event.
  • Ensure all paperwork of all departments is in order.
  • Compile a monthly report of emergencies.


Any university student male/female can become the member of the society. If he/she  is mentally and physically fit, his/her age is above 18 years, having a good character, abide by the rules and regulations of the society and will pay the membership fee.

Categories of Membership in Society will be as under

  • Regular Membership: Any student having the above mentioned qualities can become a regular member of the society.
  • Honorary Membership: The executive council may, of its own accord confer honorary membership of the society on persons who have made outstanding contributions in the respective fields.

Members Rights

  • All the members will be entitled as a matter of pride to participate in all activities of the society.
  • The right to vote or to become office bearer of the society will be open to all the regular members
  • All the regular members who are current are current in their membership subscriptions will be entitled to receive, free of cost, all the publications and communications of the society.
  • All the members will be entitled to attend seminars / conferences / symposia / work / lectures to be arranged by the society.

General Body

The general body of the society will consist of all the regular members. Members of the general body unable to attend the meeting will have the right to express their opinion through postal or electronic means of communication on any matter on the agenda of the meeting of the general body. Such opinion will be duly considered.