Dr. Muahammad Faisal Nadeem                 

B.Sc MLT (PU), M.Sc MLT(Microbiology) (UHS) B.Pharm (PU), R. Ph (Pb.),
M. S in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacology) (University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, United States)

Tel: 92-42-99214341
Mobile: 0322-43116900
Email: faisal.nadeem@uvas.edu.pk


Mr. Muhammad Faisal Nadeem is a lecturer at Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (IPS), University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. He holds graduate degrees in Medical Laboratory Technology and Pharmacy. Moreover, he is a Fulbright scholar and furthered his postgraduate studies at University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, United States. During his post graduate studies he had been part of research groups working in the areas of Computer Aided Drug Design for hsp90/cdc37 inhibition and HIV integrase inhibition.

He had spent most of his time in the field of academics as he continuously remained in touch with educational institutions in different capacities. Additionally, he had been gaining experience in the field of pharmacy by working as retail pharmacist and hospital pharmacist. His acumen helped him to outshine in the areas without dictating his future prospects. His penchant for academics always took better of him.

He started his full time professional career as faculty member of Akhtar Saeed college of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lahore in 2010. He was dynamically involved in teaching basic sciences subjects to the undergraduate students owing to his background in medical laboratory sciences and specialization in pharmacology and molecular biology at post graduate level.

He joined public sector as hospital pharmacist in Nov. 2011 and served as hospital pharmacist for about a year. This supplemented professional and administrative skills to his raw portfolio of academics.

He is the new addition to the existing faculty of Institute of Pharmaceutical sciences since 1st JAN of 2013. He is currently involved in mentoring undergraduate students of Pharm.D and is managing them through basics of life sciences. He tends to keep up with recent progresses in the field and holds a futuristic view for his students. He is ardent mentor with lots of compassion.

Areas of Interest:

  • Teaching and research in pharmacy subjects
  • Computer Aided Drug Design.
  • Antimicrobial sensitivity testing
  • New targets in cancer and chemotherapeutic agents in developing countries
  • Microbial cultures
  • Human Laboratory Diagnostics