Tutorial Group System
The structure and functioning of group system:


  • All the students of DVM programme are allotted Tutors by the Senior Tutor. A group of about 8-12 students is supervised by a tutor who keeps the records of students in his group and maintains their files. The students are required to keep a close contact with their tutors who render advisory services to them in all academic and not-academic matters. The assessment of student?s conduct and character by the respective tutor is reflected on their character certificates issued to them after completion of their degree programme. All the record of a student is forwarded to the respective tutor by the concerned authority of the University.

  • There is a Mega group consisting of 2-4 tutorial groups. This group attends tutorial group meeting under the Chairmanship of a Coordinator and meeting is also attended by all the Tutors of the groups included in this Mega group. In this period the students carry out co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Mega group meeting is held regularly on the third week of every month. Absentees are imposed a fine @ Rs.10.00 per absence. However, a regular absentee will not be entertained for any purpose by the tutor.

  • The application of the student in any case will be signed by the concerned Tutor and then forwarded to the related Principal Officer.

  • In case a student files application for a leave, he/she has to contact and get that signed by the tutor initially. Then the leave for a period of seven days will be approved and notified by the Senior Tutor, beyond seven days leave will be approved and notified by the concerned Dean. If a student remains absent continuously for a period of two weeks, his/her name will be struck off the University rolls.