UVAS IT Center

IT Center was established in 2004 at UVAS to assist the university in achieving its strategic objectives through the optimal use of information and communication technologies solutions. Since its establishment, the center is providing significant services to students, faculty and other stakeholders. LAN/WAN facilities have been deployed in City Campus, Ravi Campus Pattoki and CVAS Jhang.
Dedicated staff of the Center is striving hard for provision of IT infrastructure, analyzing, designing & developing effective computer information systems and high quality IT services in line with the expectations and needs of the university administration, faculty and students to improve the functionality and the performance of work in all educational and administrative aspects.
IT Automation in various departments has been successfully accomplished while other departments are in process of automating their operations and procedures. The Center has also been providing support to facilitate the external organizations in various assignments including Federal & Provincial Government, HEC Islamabad, PHEC Lahore, Livestock & Dairy Development Department, etc. All campuses have been interconnected; through HEC high speed internet facilities provided under PERN project for students, research scholars and faculty members to access internet and allied facilities like HEC digital library in City campus as well as recently commissioned Ravi Campus Pattoki.
IT Center is also working to provide state of the art facilities at newly established Para-Veterinary School at Layyah & Narowal. Higher Education Commission, Islamabad is also playing vital role to help uplifting the information technology setup in the university through Human Resource Development and provision of technical infrastructure.

Activities of I.T Center


  • Maintenance and up gradation of existing LAN/WAN facility at UVAS to provide better teaching and research environment by providing fast access through the interdepartmental fiber optic linkage.
  • Establishing IT infrastructure at allied campuses and colleges of the university.
  • Human Resource Development through Training, video conferencing and through provision of access to digital resources worldwide. 
  • Provide IT facilities like printing, scanning, CD-writing, access to digital library resources etc in computer labs to the students and faculty members.
  • Responsible for the purchase, inspection and installation of IT equipment in the University.
  • Provide technical/maintenance/troubleshooting support in terms of software and hardware services to all the departments and sections of the University.
  • Automation and development of UVAS information system and software solutions to meet the growing demands of UVAS.
  • Provide facility of highly reliable system for automating the storage and retrieval of the information.
  • Human resources development through extensive IT training programs for faculty, management, staff and students.
  • Provide IT consultancy to other allied departments of Punjab Govt.
  • Provide Reference Database for Research in Veterinary fields on LAN.
  • Day to day maintenance of university’s web site.
  • ID cards for Students, faculty and staff of the university
  • Configuration and management of IP Security Cameras
  • Management of national & international meetings, facilitated through state of the art video conferencing room

Digital Library

As UVAS is connected with PERN network thus access to Digital Library is available in the university by the collaboration of HEC. By using this facility the students and faculty members are able to access, read and download research articles from thousands of the scientific journals. This has made it easy for the scientific community of the University to remain updated with the recent and ongoing research in their fields of studies. There are approximately 40,000 E-Books, 230000 full text journals and Vet CDs about abstract database for the period 1972-2007

Pakistan Education & Research Network (PERN)

Both Lahore and Ravi campuses as well as ART Center are now interlinked. With this connectivity the facility of Internet at Ravi Campus is available to students, faculty and staff. State of the art network has been established by IT Center to connect all departments at Lahore campus with central server room via fiber optic links. High speed Internet is available round the clock with 218Mbps bandwidth implemented using fiber optic and DRS technologies for City campus, Ravi campus and Jhang campus collectively under HEC project PERN II. A highly sophisticated Data Centre provides central control to manage all the IT services provided by the IT Center. There are six IT labs, equipped with more than 300 latest branded computers, located at various departments, library and hostels in both campuses of the university to meet the IT requirements of students. Facilities of internet, printing, scanning and CD writing are available in these labs. Three computer labs, with more than150 total computers in labs, have also been established at Block – A & C at Ravi campus.

In addition to IT setup in computer labs, more than 600 branded computers have also been configured / installed and made available to Deans/Directorates/Chairmen of departments, faculty members up to assistant professors, sectional heads and sections of the university. Storage Area Network (SAN) is also configured to store user’s data, lectures, notes, presentations, reference database for research and development. Lecture rooms have also been equipped with latest audio & visual setup.

IT services, given by the IT Center, are utilized to impart education, pursuing research by utilizing digital library as well as video conferencing and multimedia assistance for delivering lectures, compiling lecture notes and course work, conducting on line exams, declaring results, enrolling new student’s admissions and hiring of faculty/staff using campus management system.

IT Center is executing number of assignments in routine to maintain, upgrade and make the setup in secure environment. In the current era, the security threats in field of IT such as information hacking and other vulnerabilities are now rapidly increasing with the increase of computer usage. Network security and preventative measurement in the IT field is now becoming a big challenge for IT professionals all over the world. To make IT infrastructure of the university more secure, IT Center has successfully implemented latest security features to provide smooth and even faster IT services.

Wireless connectivity has now been extended in various departments including hostels to provide Internet and other IT services to students, especially to the female students, faculty and staff round the clock.

Video Conference

IT center is also maintaining highly sophisticated Video conferencing room which is now being used to conduct various meetings of national and international interests, on line lectures and discussions with the eminent scientists from all over the world. HEC rated UVAS Video conferencing facility as best and considered a preferred site for conduction of  such national and International video conferences due to well managed Video conferencing facilities supervised by skilled IT team of IT center.


Automation and Computerization by Indigenous Software Development

Information Technology Center (ITC) is also working to automate all the business processes of UVAS under the guidance of competent authority since 2006. Most of the departments have already been automated; Web based application software’s have been deployed to manage records of students and various activities including Challan Generation, Convocation Management, Payroll, etc. in city campus as well as all other campuses .In-house development team provides support and up-dation all existing software’s using recent technologies and also continuously develops new software for different departments, a brief description of some of the developed applications is as follows:-

  • Web Portal for “International Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo (IFNCE – 2019)”
    An international conference titled “International Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo 2019” is being organized by Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition in November 2019. A website “www.ifnc2019.uvas.edu.pk” is being developed. A web portal for submission of abstract worldwide through Abstract Information Management System (AIMS).
  • Web Portal for “International Buffalo Congress (IBC - 2019)”
    A website “www.ibc2019.uvas.edu.pk” was developed for guiding the scientist to submit their papers online through Abstract Information Management System (AIMS) and to highlight the scope and significance of IBC – 2019.   
  • Web Portal for “International Fisheries and Aquaculture Conference 2019
    (IFCE – 2019)”
    A website “www.iface2019.uvas.edu.pk” was developed for guiding the scientist to submit their papers online through Abstract Information Management System (AIMS) and to highlight the scope and significance of IBC  2019. All support related to IT services was provided by the department. 
  • Online Clearance Software
    This application is being used to facilitate the students and as well as all university departments for the clearance of students. Every department check student’s liabilities online and after that issue the clearance.
  • Annual Text Report System
    Treasurer office is fully automated regarding income tax calculation. This application managing, keeping record and generate the tax report annually of all teachers, employees regarding the slots of taxes.
  • UVAS ORIC System
    This application is being used to facilitate its researchers and faculty to submit information regarding their research projects, commercialization activity, publications, conferences/workshops etc. The ORIC portal comprises of following four modules: -
  • Research Projects: Faculty members and Researchers will submit information to ORIC regarding all the Research Projects submitted, approved or under execution through any local or international funding agency.
  • Commercialization: All the faculty members and researchers will use this module to submit information about the commercially viability of their research work. The UVAS's principal investigators/researchers of various completed research projects or the projects that are near to completion and commercially viable will fill this Performa to share information such as IP registration, market value, potential industry, application areas, research status and commercialization activities etc.
  • Workshops/Trainings/Conferences/Seminars: Faculty members and Researchers will submit information to Directorate of ORIC regarding all the planned and attended workshops, Trainings, Conferences and seminars etc. in this module. Information like dates, venue, members, roles, organizing agency etc. will be shared through this module.
  • Research papers:  Faculty members and Researchers will submit information to Directorate of ORIC regarding their published research papers e.g. Journal name and Impact factor etc. in national and international journals, through this module.
  • Online Challan Generation System
    All the applicants of UVAS is being used this application to generate the challan online for apply various Posts of UVAS. This application keeps the record of all applicants for managing, searching and sorting aspects.
  • eBridge System for UVAS Business School
    UVAS eBridge system is being used by UVAS Business School which is fully automated in each aspect regarding scheme of study, subject allocation, lectures time table, teachers profile, teacher’s salary which are fully dependent to their thumb impression attendance machine. Also remove the communication gap between the Teacher and Students as well as alumni students via email and SMS texting and solve the forwarded quires.

IT Center is also involved in managing and providing continuous system support to all applications already deployed at UVAS including CTS System, Examination System, Student Card Management System, Payroll System, E-Library System, Employee Record Management System, Hostel Record Management System, Student Record System, Clinic Information Management System, Hostel Resident Card Management System, Online Abstract Management System (AIMS), Livestock Marketing Information System (LMIS),Management of university official website, UVAS Mail Server, MSDN Account Management System, UVAS official Journal System (JVAS) management and day to day duties assigned by the competent authority. Furthermore; the ITC is also facilitating Federal government and Provincial government for managing the UVAS student’s record on HEC web portal for laptop distribution and playing vital role in this activity.

Web Portal

University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore (UVAS) launched its official website (http://www.uvas.edu.pk) in the year 2010. Web portal is being maintained by the IT Center regularly and up to date information of UVAS academic services, products, facilities standardized by different departments, etc. are available on website. The website contains information regarding: 

  • Degree programs offered in different disciplines for under graduate and post graduate students; information regarding the admission in these programs.
  • Detailed information of faculty members; their profiles, research publications and area of research etc.
  • It has the download section having various application forms including admission forms (undergraduate & postgraduate) and other application forms. It has enhanced the contact impact from 30% to 80%. More than 50% application forms received in University Departments are downloaded from the website.
  • University website is acting as the gateway to other related websites and journals.
  • User are able to access University Library through which they are able for online search of Library books on basis of title, author and year of published etc.Digital library is also available for students.
  • UVAS is providing the “Advisory Services” to livestock farmers and website is used as a platform for providing published material regarding Dairy Farming, Agriculture, Livestock breeding, Disease Diagnosis and measures to control it, and may other useful information.
  • University has started the 24/7 Extension services to provide emergency and routine veterinary patient care for all species of large and small animals. Website has the complete information about these services.
  • Updated news, tenders, Jobs. Press Releases section are available on website.