Bioequivalence Study (BeSt) Center

Purpose/Approval of BeSt Centre


  • Primarily the Best Center was established with the purpose of performing BE studies for pharmaceutical industries.
  • It was also required to meet the following targets –
    • Provide training facilities to
      • Local Pharma Industry           
      • Academia/students
      • Other stake holders


  • To evaluate facilities for establishment of a BE Centre a scoping mission of WHO visited UVAS on 5th October, 2007.
  • Mission reported that facility for BE testing in UVAS, Lahore “seems to be capable to organize BE studies according to international standards and has a potential to be a training centre for personnel of future of BE facilities”.
  • BeSt Centre was visited for evaluation of facilities and expertise by a high profiled delegation of officials from Federal Ministry of Health (MoH) and others comprising –
    • DG Health
    • Representatives from pharma industry
    • Experts on BE studies 
  • The MOH team examined the documents, SOPs, methods of analysis and instruments.
  • BeSt Centre, UVAS was approved as Pakistan’s first BE Centre on 13th, May 2010 due to the relentless efforts of the team and leadership of BeSt Centre.