Department of Poultry Production



The Department of Poultry Production was established in June 2003 with the main objectives of Educating and Training students to cater to the needs of the poultry industry by enhancing egg and meat production in the country. The Department of Poultry Production is the only of its kind in Pakistan with the maximum possible research and training infrastructure present in all areas of Poultry Production (i.e., Commercial Broiler breeder farm, hatchery, commercial and Model Research broiler farms, Layer farm, Indigenous birds, Quails, Ostrich, and Turkey birds, Commercial hatchery, processing plant, feed production, Aviaries and composting units).

Besides offering four-year B.S. Poultry Science and courses for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and B.S. Food Science and Technology degree programs, the Department is also offering M. Phil. and Ph.D. Degree programs in the field of Poultry Production at the postgraduate level. The applied and problem-oriented research findings are communicated to the stakeholders through meetings, group discussions, seminars, and student articles in various magazines.

The Department always focuses on conducting problem-oriented applied research by the students and faculty to solve the problems of stakeholders. The department also has a close liaison with the Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) and leading poultry farmers, breeders, poultry feed millers, and hatchery men. The department also arranges meetings of "UVAS Poultry Club" on regular intervals, where academia and industry join for viable strategies to overcome recent challenges faced by the industry.

The Department of Poultry Production has signed MOUs with Sabir's Poultry (Pvt.) Ltd. for operating their commercial broiler breeder farm, breeder hatchery, and commercial broiler farm present in UVAS, Ravi Campus, Pattoki, and with Ibrahim Poultry Trader, Sahiwal, Bio-Vet (Pvt.) Ltd., Poulta Inc., and HATO Agricultural Lighting for student training, internships, and sharing of technical expertise. Our graduates are serving in different Universities of Pakistan, the Punjab Food Authority, as well as national and international poultry enterprises. 

Research Priorities

  1. Evolving high yielding germ-plasm for commercial & rural poultry sector
  2. Optimizing feed & nutrient requirement of poultry birds for different stages & purposes
  3. Poultry processing, value addition, product development and marketing
  4. Poultry reproductive physiology
  5. Poultry housing, incubation and waste management

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