Department of Wildlife & Ecology

Research And Training Facilities

Zoological Museum 

The Zoological Museum in Department of Wildlife and Ecology is a natural history museum that exhibits a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history. The museum provides excellent research facilities to students of paleontology, animal diversity, wildlife, taxonomy, systematics and ecology. This museum also help in providing general education and recreation facilities to students and visitors having their educational background in the disciplines of zoology in particular and biology overall. The displays will also highlight the ecological importance of the wildlife.

GIS & Remote Sensing Lab

The Geographical Information System (GIS) laboratory of UVAS is environmental conservation GIS set up. It is established as a facility to handle large geo-spatial datasets related to environmental management and conservation in Pakistan. 
This lab provides:

  • Systematic collection and sharing mechanism of habitats and species.
  • Advance level trainings regarding GIS and remote sensing to the faculty members and students.

These activities will aid in conservation of natural and ecological processes and ensure its sustainable use. 

Experimental Units

  • Herpetological Conservation and Research Center
  • Avian Conservation and Research Center

The Department of Wildlife and Ecology focusing species conservation, research and demand of the stakeholders has established Avian Conservation and Research Center. This center has following sections;

  • Peafowl Aviary
  • Ungulates Breeding Farms
  • Turkeys Raising Farm
  • Partridge Conservation and Breeding Center
  • Pheasants Breeding Farm
  • Walk through Aviary