Faculty Overview

The Faculty of Animal Production and Technology is a vibrant faculty within UVAS imparting high quality education in all discipline of enhancing productivity of livestock, animal product technologies, training of veterinary officers for continued professional development (CPD), conducting cross cutting research to develop new technologies and processes to increase milk, meat, eggs and value addition of these vital food products. The most salient feature of FAPT has been creating an environment for teaching and research which is focused on continued professional development of its staff, post graduate students and supporting staff through capacity building programs, foreign and indigenous doctoral studies, short term foreign training programs, development and research projects.

FAPT has recently gone through major administrative and operational changes and all of its components have now been successfully relocated at brand new Ravi Campus in Pattoki about 70 KM from the City Campus on spread over 890 acres of land. Due to its relocation, new opportunities and major development projects are in the process of completion including:

  • Milk Processing Plant
  • Feed Mill

In addition to it following facilities are already up and running under this faculty at Ravi Campus Pattoki:

  • Small Ruminant Training & Research Centre
  • Poultry and Dairy Animals Training and Research Centre
  • Dairy Training and Research Centre
  • An Environmentally Controlled Modern Poultry House
  • Aseel Chicken Breeding and Conservation Centre

An Avian Research and Training Centre of the FAPT is located at Ferozepur Road, Lahore, which is dedicated for Quail species.

Faculty of Animal Production and Technology is offering undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees in following disciplines:

  • Livestock Management
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Animal Breeding and Genetics
  • Poultry Production
  • Dairy Technology

B.S. Poultry Science and B.S. Dairy Technology are two independent degree programs that were instituted in 2008 keeping in view the changing and increasing demands of dairy and poultry sectors. These programs are being successfully run by the Departments of Poultry Production and Dairy Technology. The Faculty is heavily complementing the Faculty of Veterinary Science (FVS) both in DVM and postgraduate courses.  Very recently two new departments have been established to cater for the needs of allied animal industries viz;

  • Department of Leather and Fiber Technology  
  • Department of Meat Technology

The Faculty of Animal Production and Technology is also unique in its teaching and research staff composition with highest number of (15) Ph.D. Another 10 young teachers are completing their Ph.D. studies in local and foreign institutions.

Faculty of Animal Production and Technology also has a highly vibrant and supporting environment with equal opportunities to prosper, grow and develop. This is due to highly positive and able leadership that has been available in the past and present for being leaders in their respective disciplines. All the staff are highly competent and proficient not only in teaching but having excellent skills to build up and win successful competitive research grant research proposals. That is why FAP&T is probably most prolific faculty to win competitive research grants.

Currently FAP&T is running 13 competitive grants research projects while many grant bids are in the pipeline. The total worth stands at over 50 Million.

Currently 77 M. Phil and 47 Ph.D. scholars are working for their degrees in FAP&T. The number of undergraduate students in both degree programs is approximately 175 at present. The future vision of this faculty is to produce high quality HR in all sectors of livestock production, processing and value addition while working closely with poultry and livestock industries. Similarly some of the international collaborations for developing new distant learning Master degree programs in Leather Technology and Environmental Waste Management Sciences are being worked upon.

FAP&T considers vocational and in-service training as an essential part of continued professional development for Veterinary Professionals working in the country. During 2009-10 FAP&T conducted 5 five training workshops for field professionals from different parts of the country. Five batches of 20 field veterinarians each of Livestock and Dairy Development Department got one week intensive training on different aspects of Dairy Production. Similarly NAVTEC programs have also been an integral part of this faculty.

A major achievement of FAPT is the conduct of 6th Asian Buffalo Congress on 27-30th October, 2009 and National Buffalo Fair. This was attended by over one thousand national and international delegates from 22 countries of buffalo world. Over one hundred papers were presented at the congress, an industry exhibition and a National Buffalo Fair was also organized in conjunction with the congress. These events were attended by large number of farmers, entrepreneurs, students and industrialists and provided a platform for match making of experts and business. The proceedings of the congress was published by Pakistan Journal of Zoology (an impact factor Journal).