Dr. Muhammad Qamer Shahid

B.Sc. (Hons.) A.H (UAF), M.Phil; L.M (UVAS), PhD;  Animal Sciences, University of Minnesota (USA)
Chairman / Associate Professors

Telephone:       +92 (49) 4427083 ext. 5021
Email:    qamar.shahid@uvas.edu.pk

(HEC Approved supervisor)


Muhammad Qamer Shahid is an Associate professor in the Department of Livestock Production at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, where he has been a faculty member since 2005. He received his PhD in Animal Sciences from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA. His current research focuses on livestock production under subtropical conditions.

Research Interests

  • Dairy animal production
  • Transition cow management
  • Milking management
  • Dairy animal behavior and welfare
  • Dairy records integration
  • Precision dairy farming



Introduction to Livestock Production                         (LPRO-2105)
Principles of Dairy Production                                   (LPRO-2710)

Post Graduate

Behavior and Welfare of Farm Animals                    (LSMG-1003)
Recent Advances in Livestock Management             (LSMG-1010)
Applied Statistical Tools for Animal Research          (LSMG-1012)



Peer Reviewed Publications

  1. Rafiuddin, J. A. Bhatti, M.Q. Shahid, M. Saadullah, H. Mustafa, M. Ahmad, M. A. Nasar, R.      Khan and A. Khan. 2018. Effect of replacing maize fodder with maize silage on feed      intake, digestibility and milk yield of early-lactation Nili Ravi buffaloes. Pure and         Applied Biology. http://dx.doi.org/10.19045/bspab.2018.700136
  2. Imran M., M.Q. Shahid, T.N. Pasha, and M.N. Haque.2018.  Effects of replacing soybean meal with corn   gluten meal on milk production and nitrogen efficiency in Holstein cows. S. Afr. J. Anim.   Sci.48:590-599
  3. Batool, M., M. Nadeem, M. Imran, N. Gulzar, M.Q. Shahid, M. Shahbaz, M. Ajmal, and I.T.   Khan. 2018. Impact of vitamin e and selenium on antioxidant capacity and lipid oxidation   of cheddar cheese in accelerated ripening. Lipids Health Dis. 17:1–14.
  4. Haque, M.N., M.U. Akhtar, R. Munnawar, S. Anwar, A. Khalique, M.A. Tipu, F. Ahmad, and     M.Q. Shahid. 2018. Effects of increasing dietary protein supplies on milk           yield, milk       composition and nitrogen use efficiency in lactating buffalo. Trop. Anim.           Health Prod.    1–6.
  5. Magsi, S.H., M.N. Haque, N. Ahmad, and M.Q. Shahid. 2018. Short communication: Stall   occupancy behavior of Nili Ravi buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) when first introduced to   freestall housing. J. Dairy Sci. 101:1505–1510.
  6. Imran, M., T.N. Pasha, M.Q. Shahid, I. Babar, and M.N. Haque. 2017. Effect of increasing   dietary metabolizable protein on nitrogen      efficiency in Holstein dairy cows. Asian-  Australasian J. Anim. Sci. 30:660–665.
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  9. Shahid M. Q.J. K. ReneauH. Chester-JonesR. C. Chebel, and M. I. Endres. 2015. Cow- and herd-level risk factors for on-farm mortality in Midwest US dairy herds. J. Dairy Sci.    98:4401-4413
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  1. N. Ali, M. Q. Shahid, A. Khalique and H. Mustafa. 2019. Estimation of enteric methane emission in lactating buffaloes under different production systems of Pakistan. In Proceedings of International Buffalo Congress-IBC 2019 February, 18-20, 2019, Lahore Pakistan
  2. Azam B. and M. Q. Shahid (2018). Association of age and weight at first calving with first lactation milk yield and reproductive performance in Nili Ravi buffaloes. In Khurana SK, Dey A, Nayan V, Balhara AK, Sunesh, Jan MH, Singh RK, Singh M, Deeksha, SARAngi A, Panghal S, and Kumar S (Eds.)  Climate resilient buffalo production for sustainable livelihood. Book of abstracts: IX Asian Buffalo Congress-2018, Feb. 1-4 (p-27), ICAR- Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes, Hisar, India
  3. Gohar M., B. Azam and M. Q. Shahid (2018). Association of pre-pubertal growth rate with age at puberty in Nili Ravi buffaloes. In Khurana SK, Dey A, Nayan V, Balhara AK, Sunesh,     Jan MH, Singh RK, Singh M, Deeksha, SARAngi A, Panghal S, and Kumar S (Eds.)           Climate resilient buafflo production for sustainable livelihood. 1-4 (p-33), ICAR-     Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes, Hisar, India
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Student Supervision


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Research Funding

As Principal Investigator,

  • Pilot Study on Sustainable Data Recording for Buffalo Production at Commercial Dairy Operations”, under National Research Program for Universities,

            Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Amount 0.78 million
Status: In progress

Research Collaboration

  • Collaboration for research and development on Precision Livestock Farming Systems with Elective Technology (Pvt) Lahore.