Dr. Nisar Ahmad

B.Sc (Hons) (UAF), M.Sc.(Hons) (UAF), PhD (UVAS)
Associate Professor

Tel: +92-42-99211449-50, Ext.5031
Mobile: 0333-6916743
Fax: 0092-42-99213653
Email: nisarahmad@uvas.edu.pk

(HEC Approved supervisor)


Dr.Nisar Ahmad, is Associate Professor of livestock Production Discipline: Livestock Management
University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. He holds B.Sc (Hons)Animal Husbandry, M.Sc. (Hons.) (UAF) in Livestock Management (UAF) and Ph.D. degree in Livestock Management (UVAS). In his PhD research he worked on, “Comparative productive and reproductive performance of Beetal goats in accelerated and annual kidding systems.”
He was appointed as lecturer in Livestock Managementduring October, 1989. He was promoted to the post of Assistant Professor during 2004 in Department of LivestockProduction. He remained associated with teaching and research in area of Livestock Production during his career. He is also an HEC approved supervisor. He taught courses related to Livestock Production like Introduction to Livestock Management, Equine and Camel Production, Small Ruminant Production, Management of Draught Animals,Livestock Production on Ranges and PastureBehavior and Welfare of Farm Animalsetc. Ten students earned their MPhil degree under his supervision.

Areas of Interest

  • Management of Farm Animals
  • Small Ruminant Production



  • Sheep and Goat Production
  • Small Ruminant Production
  • Buffalo and Cattle Production
  • Principles of Milk Production and Procurement
  • Introduction to Livestock Management and Housing
  • Equine and Camel Production
  • Introduction to Livestock Production


  • Behavior and Welfare of Farm Animals
  • Livestock Production on Ranges and Pastures
  • Small Ruminant Production
  • Management of Draught Animals


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Project Supervised

  • Effect of Group Size on Growth Performance of Nili Ravi Buffalo Calves.2007
  • Effect of feeding frequency on the growth performance of Beetal goat kids during winter season. 2008
  • Effect of recombinant bovine somatotropin hormone on milk production, composition, body weight and some biochemical parameter of lactating Beetal goats. 2011
  • Correlation response of udder and body measurements as affected by age and parity on milk contents and yield in Nili Ravi buffaloes in peri urban areas of Lahore. 2011
  • Effect of yeast on growth, milk yield and its composition in Beetal goats 2011
  • Comparative study on the normal social behavior of Nili Ravi buffalo and Sahiwal cattle calves
  • Factor analysis of biometric traits of Dhanni cattle 2013
  • Factor analysis and phenotypic measurement of Cholistani cattle 2014

Project Supervised As Member of Supervisory Committee

  • Relationship between live body weight &body measurements in Beetal goats. (2008)
  • Relationship between live body weight and body measurements in Kajli sheep. (2008)
  • Keeping quality and efficiency of total mixed baled ration on the productivity of lactating Sahiwal cows.(2009)
  • Effect of Methionine supplementation on milk production & composition of Nili Ravi buffaloes during early phase of lactation. (2009)
  • Nutritional Evaluation, Processing and Utilization of Rumen Contents for Buffalo Feed. (2009)
  • Development of Yoghurt by using probiotic culture Bifido bacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus acidophilus and its physico chemical and sensory evaluation. (2009)
  • Effect of gelatin temperature and cutting time on curd yield and quality of buffalo, cow and goat milk. (2009)
  • Qualitative comparison of yoghurt prepared from conventional and probiotic culture.(2009)
  • Study of livestock health issues and availability of veterinary services to pastoral herds of Northern  Pakistan. (2009)
  • Physicochemical, microbiological and sensorial characteristics of probiotic labneh prepared from different milk blends. (2010)
  • Body measurement parameters as a function of assessing body weight in Lohi sheep. (2011)
  • Effect of Different Forms of Alfalfa on the Performance of Lohi Lambs. (2011)
  • Comparative performance of Lohi lambs supplemented with Lucerine (Medicago sativa) hay and pelleted diets in addition to grazing under semi intensive system. (2011)
  • Study of social and feeding behavior of Chinkara deer in captivity.(2011)
  • Genetic and phenotypic parameters of   some productive and reproductive traits inFriesian-Sahiwal crossbred cattle. (2014)
  • Effect of rumen protected lysine and methionine on production performance and blood metabolites of early lactating Nili Ravi buffaloes. (2014)
  • Factor analysis and phenotypic measurement of Cholistani cattle. (2014)
  • Effect of feeding frequency on the growth performance of Lohi lambs during post weaning period
  • Comparative efficacy of urea and slow release non protein Nitrogen on the performance of Nili Ravi buffalo calves. (2014)
  • Anti-nematodal efficacy of Ivermectin (oral) and extracts of Coriandrum sativum in sheep in Barani  areas of Pakistan. (2015)
  • Morphological structure of Thalli sheep through principal component analysis of body measurements.  (2016)

Seminar / Workshop

  • Name of Seminars Attended
  • “Emerging role of livestock in the economy of Pakistan” presented by Prof Dr. M. Yaquoob Bhatti organized by PVMA held on November5,1991 at AVARI Lahore.
  • “Meat Hygiene”(Meat Inspection) presented by Pakistani Americans held on December 23rd 1991at CVS Lahore.
  • ‘Seminar on ND & IBD by Dr. Gossa V.D. Bosh Microform Holland’ held on March 21st  1993
  • “Slaughter House by products improvement” presented by F.A.O” held on October ,1993.
  • “Role of Veterinarians in Livestock production” presented by Robert Ayre Smith held on November 21st ,1993at PARB/CVS Lahore
  • “First PPA/PVMA Punjab Poultry conference held on March 30th to April 1st ,1994at AVARI Lahore “
  • “Treatment & control of diseases of economic importance in Livestock & Poultry” held on November 27th ,1994at Services International Hotel Lahore”
  • “National seminar on Epidemiology of L/S  & Poultry diseases” held on  January 19-20th ,1995 at C.V.S.Lahore
  • “National symposium on the role of Vety.Pathologists in L/S & Poultry diseases” held on April 6th ,1995 at C.V.S.Lahore
  • “National symposium of Animal Nutrionists held on  November29th ,1995 at C.V.S.Lahore.
  • “Animal Nutrionists & Feed Producersby Rhone Poulence held on  March 17th ,1996 at AVARI Lahore
  • “National Seminar on Diseases of sheep and goats” held on  March 28th ,1996 at C.V.S. Lahore.”
  • “Seminar on Beef Production held on  June 20th ,1996 at AVARI Lahore
  • “GTZ Seminar organized by NIPA” held on April 28th ,1997
  • “American Soya seminar held on May 5th ,1997at Pearl Continental Lahore.”
  • Seminar on “Bridging the food gap” held on  November 6th ,1997 at Holiday Inn Lahore.”
  • “International Seminar on Microbiological diseases of Livestock & poultry” held  on March 21st ,1998 at C.V.S. Lahore.”
  • “Feed additives for poultry” held on March 16th ,1999 at Pearl Continental Lahore.”
  • “National poultry Congress” held on September 25th ,1999 at Lahore.
  • New Millennium: New Ambitions for improved knowledge.National conference poultry veterinary medicine and World Poultry Sci. Association held on March 10-11th 2000 at Pearl Continental Lahore.”
  • “Microbiology: Needs of the New Millennium, International Conference organized by Pak.Society of Microbiology and CEMB held on March 28-30th 2000 at Pearl Continental Lahore.
  • Seminar on “Pharmaceutical Microbiology” organized by Pak.Society of Microbiology held on November 3rd ,2001 at C.V.S. Lahore.”
  • Seminar on Possible molecular mechanism in the induction of bacterial lipopolysaccharide-mediated inducible Nitric oxide synthase (iNOS)gene expression in chick presented by Dr. Muqurrab Ahmad held on 2003 at UVAS Lahore
  • “The potential of dairy development in the national economy held on June 29th ,2002at AVARI Lahore
  • Application of Extruders in Food & Industries. Held at Seminar Room, held on January 2, 2004 UVAS, Lahore.
  • Current Trends in Small Animal Practice in Australia.  Held at Seminar Room, held on January 17, 2004 at UVAS, Lahore.
  • Seminar on Diseases of Livestock. Held on January 24, 2004 at Auditorium, UVAS, Lahore.
  • Development of Wild Life Education & Research Organized by Faculty of Fisheries & Wildlife Held  on January 26, 2004 at Seminar Room, UVAS, Lahore.
  • Implications of WTO Regime on the Export / Import of L/S & its Products, Organized by L&DD Held on January 29, 2004at Seminar Room, UVAS, Lahore.
  • Recent Advances in Parasitology Organized by Paracon 2004  Held on May 29, 2004 at UVAS, Lahore.
  • Training Workshop on Digital Library Project held on June 07, 2004 at UVAS, Lahore.
  • Technologies for Nutritional Improvement of Cereal Straws for Livestock Feeding held on June 28, 2004 at LPRI Bahadurnagar Okara.
  • In Vitro Fertilization: Current Status, Seminar Room, held on  July 23, 2004 at UVAS, Lahore.
  • National Poultry & Livestock Congress held on October 8-9, 2004 at Awain-e-Iqbal, Lahore Organized by PVMA
  • International Nutrition Conference Organized by Nutritionist Society of Pakistan, Held on December 1-2, 2004 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore.
  • Identification of QTL’s in Animals by DNA finger Printing held on November 29, 2005 at UVAS, Lahore.
  • Workshop on Impact of Global Changes on the Availability of Fodder and Forages & Performance of Livestock in South Asia, held on  December 15-16, 2005 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore.
  • 13th International Pharmacy Conference & Exhibition held on February 16-19 2006 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore.
  • 34th All Pakistan International SAARC Countries Science Conference held on February 20-22, 2006 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore.
  • International Seminar on “Agriculture in the 21st Century – Strategies and Challenges, held on  March 15,  2006 at Univ.of Agri.Faisalabad.
  • A Seminar on “Immunoprophylaxis of FMD in Borines”
  • RT-PCR for diagnosis of FMD virus 2- Preparation & Evaluation of trivalent FMD vaccine
  • 3- Products & evaluation of bird flue virus. held on  June 28, 2006 at Seminar Room at UVAS, Lahore.
  • Seminar on “Digital Radiography”held on February 22nd 2010 at Conference Hall UVAS Lahore sponsored by Shirazi Trading Company (Ph) Limited Under Altas Group of Industries.
  • National Seminar on “Dairy Farming-A profitable Future Enterprize”held at Block A, Faculty of Animal production & Technology,UVAS,Ravi Campus ,Pattoki sponsored by ALP Project PARC and Department of Livestock production held on April,7th  2010 at UVAS Lahore.
  • Institutional capacity building conference and workshop for genetic improvement and fertility enhancement in livestock through clinical cytogenetics held on  10-11th January 2012 at UVAS, Ravi campus Pattoki sponsored by HEC


  • “Personal Computer Hardware maintenance training workshop” held on September 27th to October 10th ,1993.
  • “One day workshop on “Self-Assessment as a tool for quality assurance” at seminar room UVAS, Lahore” held on June 14th, 2006.
  • “Research ethics workshop organized by Agha Khan University at UVAS Lahore”. Funded by HEC (free workshop) held on October 14th ,2009.
  • Workshop on Livestock Management held at Ravi campus, Pattoki organized by Director Planning & Evaluation L&DD Govt. of Punjab Lahore held on10thMarch-16th     March,2010.
  • Training workshop on Buffalo calf raising center at  organized by Buffalo research  Institute District Kasur held on November 17-18th 2014.
  • Workshop on “Up-gradation of Modules in Molecular Genetics and Genomics”  organized by Department of Livestock Production, FAP&T, UVAS, Lahore, held at Ravi campus, Pattoki Project Funded by British Council   held on March 19, 2015.
  • Workshop on” Dairy Herd  Management” organized by Buffalo research  Institute District Kasur held on June 12th, 2015.
  • Workshop on “Capacity Building of Young Researchers” organized by Department of Poultry Production, FAP&T,  held at Ravi Campus, UVAS, Lahore held on June 15th to 18th 2015.


  • Attended “Pollution control” organized by University of Punjab” held on January 5th, 1997 on January 5th, 1997.
  • Attended “International conference of Animal Nutrition” on March 19-20th , 2003 at UVAS Lahore.
  • Attended National  Conference on “Zoonotic Diseases” on the occasion of “World Veterinary Day 2009”.Jointly organized by FVS & PMS held on April 27th 2009 at Conference Hall, UVAS Lahore.
  • Attended Nutrigenomics-A new science for better productivity of livestock. Organizes by Department of Livestock Production, FAP&T held on March 26th, 2014at Conference Hall, UVAS Lahore.
  • Presented paper on “Reproductive parameters of Beetal does in accelerated and annual kidding systems”(Oral Presentation)at 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Environment, 2015 on  30th September - 03 October 2015 held at Selcuk University Konya, Turkey.