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Degree Programs offered:


Pakistan is the 4th largest producer of milk in the world and dairy products production continues to improve in the country in the coming years. The dairy industry requires inculcation of scientific culture for development of cost effective innovative technologies, new products and to meet the challenges of global trade and food safety. This program aims to equip dairy professionals in the industry and institutes to undertake quality research in the area of dairy technology. It shall provide a platform for undertaking industrial research and testing of the technologies developed at the research institutes.
The program caters to educational requirements of the personnel working in the State of Dairy federations/ dairy departments and central Government/ educational institutions, dairy farmers, milk processors, skilled workers/ technicians in dairy industry, entrepreneurs and NGO functionaries/extension trainers/ rural educators.


The objectives of the program are:

  1. To strengthen the research activities in the area of Dairy Technology
  1. To provide research opportunities to the academician/researcher/industry professional in the area of dairy technology
  2. To develop technical human resource and skilled manpower for dairy industry.
  3. To upgrade the technical proficiency of existing personals working in the dairy and allied sectors.
  4. To facilitate research and development activities for Dairy Industry.
  5. To develop young entrepreneurs for self-employment through dairy technology and associated technical activities.

Jobs in Dairy Sector

Dairy industry, now a highly specialized field today involves production, procurement, storage, processing and distribution of dairy products. The main jobs are in the production and processing. Openings for a dairy technologist are available in both the public and  private sectors.  They can find job in dairy farms, cooperatives, milk product processing and manufacturing industries. Quality control departments also recruit dairy technologists. A large number of dairy technologists also start their own business such as small-scale milk plants, creamery, ice-cream units etc or work as consultants. A consultant, however, needs several years of working experience in dairy processing to be successful. Besides there are opportunities for teaching as well as research and development which is another growing area, crucial for the dairy industry.

Financial administration of a dairy plant, the development of a marketing plan and different kinds of quality management systems (HACCP) also comes under the responsibilities of a dairy technologist.

Scheme of Studies M. Phil. / Ph. D Dairy Technology

Course No.

Course Title

Credit hours


Milk Processing Techniques



Fluid, Fermented & Concentrated Dairy Products Technology



Bioseparation Processes in Dairy Products Technology



Advanced Dairy Microbiology



Dairy Rheology



Dairy Plant Layout & Design



Chemistry of Milk Processing



Food and Industrial Microbiology



Food Process Engineering



Recent Advances in Dairy Technology



Research Project and Scientific Writing


Duration for Ph.D

The duration of the course for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, in full residence shall not be less than six semesters and more than ten semesters for whole-time students. In case of University employees admitted as part time students, the duration shall not be less than ten semesters and more than fourteen semesters. 


The candidates must have Master's degree (M.Sc. Hons./M.Phil) in Dairy Technology or related field of  study with minimum of 1st  Division according to annual system or not less than CGPA 3.00/4.00 according to semester system from HEC recognized universities. Candidates will have to clear GRE subject test which will be arranged by University and Qualifying score is 70%.