Department of Dairy TechnologyFAPT

Engr. Saqib Manzoor

B.Sc. Engineering (Chemical, PU), M.Sc. Chemical Engineering (PU), M.Phil. Dairy Technology (UVAS)


Tel: 92-42-99211449-50 Ext. 5024
Mobile: 0345-4222104, 0334-4201938


Engr. Saqib Manzoor is working as Lecturer (permanent December 2011 till to date) in the Department of Dairy Technology, Faculty of Animal Production and Technology and holds B.Sc. chemical engineering and M. Sc. chemical engineering from University of Punjab Lahore and M.Phil. Dairy Technology form University of Veterinary and Animal Science, Lahore Ravi Campus. The phenomenon of food engineering especially is unique and exclusive in my country. He went through a similar phase during my M. Sc. in chemical engineering (Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology, PU, Lahore) when He worked on product development (“Effect of Temperature and Pressure on Rheological Characteristics of Mozzarella Cheese”) and observing the heat treatment effect on milk (Effect of batch pasteurization on the thermal stability and microbiological load of Holstein-Friesian milk) during my M.Phil. in Dairy Technology that focused my attentions to explore more variations in food processing industry. He completed my master’s and M.Phil. degree alongside my lectureship.  He has more than 10 years of teaching, research and academic experience in the UVAS. Currently He is the member of supervisory committees of postgraduate students working in the field of dairy processing. He also having two-year contract experience of teaching in the same institute (from April 2009 to Dec 2011). Before his lectureship He worked as Shift Engineer (Jan 2007-March 2009) in Leiner Pak Gelatine Kala Shah Kaku Lahore. He was managing the production of DCP and Gelatin as well as the utilities used in this process. He has four months experience of internship in Sui Northern Gas Pipe Line Ltd Multan. He also looks after the duties of transport officer since July 2013. In addition, He is also managing the Reverse Osmosis unit of water purification as officer incharge in Ravi campus. He also served as the Resident Tutor for the student hostel (from March 2011 to June 2014). Currently He is also the Lab incharge of Sensory Evaluation Lab in Central Laboratory Complex and Plant Coordinator at UVAS Dairy Milk processing plant. He is the Member of Canteen and Cafeteria Committee and convener of MDS (Music, Drama and Still Art Society) at UVAS, Ravi Campus, Pattoki

Area of Interest

  • Food Engineering, Dairy Processing Equipment’s, Dairy Plant layout and Managements


  • My Book “Farm Machinery” Publisher by Malik Siraj Uddin and Sons. Lower Mall Lahore.¬†





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  1. Member of a Project, “supply of Pure water to Rural Areas”
  2. Member of Project, “Alternate Source of Energy by Solar System in Poultry Farming”
  3. Member of Project, “Biogas is an alternate source”


  • Halal Conference and Exhibition and Workshop held in Faletti’s hotel on 10-11 April, 2017
  • 7th International Halal Conference & Expo 2018 held on April 17-18, 2018 at Faletti's Hotel, Lahore. 

Trainings (as resource person)

  • Farmers Training at B Block Ravi Campus Pattoki
  • Farmer Training at UVAS milk processing plant
  • Training at villages on Biogas plant
  • Training at villages on RO plant

Training Attended

  • 5 Days Training on Water Treatment by COMSTEC Islamabad, 2013
  • IN-SERVICE SHORT-TERM TRAINING OF UNIVERSITY AND COLLEGE FACULTY, Conference Hall, University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore, 2015
  • 2 Days LaTeX Workshop at IT Centre Ravi UVAS, 25-26 April, 2017

"THE ROLE OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS IN ACADEMIA" A Seminar organized by ORIC on dated; 1st March, 2017

  • ONE DAY TRAINING WORKSHOP ON ENDNOTE X7 BASIC at IT Centre, A-block, Ravi Campus, Pattoki, on Tuesday, 26-June, 2018
  • Training of Presiding officer by Election Commission of the Pakistan on dated: 5,6/7/18
  • Trends and Innovation in Food Processing Technology: Prospects and Challeges 7-8th November, 2018

Organization of Laboratory facilities, Extension Projects etc.

  • Trouble shooting of dairy equipment at American Form B block
  • Incharge of Senosory Evaluation Lab
  • Coordinator of Cakes and Bakes Milk Plant by Dairy Department
  • Coordinator of Pure Water Facility to villager’s committee

Advisory Services rendered, if any:

  • Solar panel systems to formers for pasteurizers, packing machines etc.

Scientific Conferences Attended

  • 2nd International Conference and Expo on Hallal Industry 16th to 17th January 2012 at PC Hotel Lahore Pakistan
  • International Livestock and Poultry Congress and Expo 13th -14th March 2012 Aiwan-e-Izbal Complex Lahore
  • Road Map for Development of Dairy Sector of Pakistan March 19th 2012 UVAS Lahore
  • Seminar on World Water Day at Block “A” Ravi Campus, Pattoki on 22nd March, 2012; theme is “Water and Food Security”
  • All Pakistan Food Science Conference to be held in PCSIR organized by Pakistan society of food technologist on 16-17 March 2015
  • Up gradation of Modules in Molecular Genetics and Genomics, Tuesday March 19, 2015, organized by British Council INSPIRE Transnational Education Partnership Program and Department of Livestock Production UVAS Ravi campus
  • Workshop on the “Capacity Building on Young Researchers” 15-18 June 2015 organized by UVAS Ravi Campus
  • Seminar on “Food Safety - Is Pakistan is eating healthy?” organized by Australia Awards Alumni Network AAAN on 13-June 2015

Trainings Attended

  • Professional Competency Enhancement Program for Teachers (PCEPT) from Centre for Educational Policy and Administration (CEPA), UVAS Lahore June 2014

Professional Membership

  • Member, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)