Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics

Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

  • Enhancing growth and productive performance in native Aseel chickens employing integrated selective breeding and identification of growth markers for poverty alleviation in rural areas. PARB funded (26.2 M).

Research projects Completed

  • Improved selected indigenous naked neck by crossing with exotic poultry breeds of Rhode Island Red and Black Australorp. ALP funded (4.823 M).
  • BC-INSPIRE transnational education partnership program,” UP-gradation of modules in molecular genetics and genomics.” British Council funded (5.3 M).
  • Phenotypic and genetic characterization of some indigenous breeds of ovine and caprine species in Punjab ALP (5.061 M)
  • Cytogenetic Screening of Buffalo bulls and Replacement Heifers for Genetic Improvement in Punjab at UVAS, New Campus, Pattoki (1.726)
  • Genetic diversity of Pakistani Sheep and Goat breeds by analysis of Mitochondrial D-loop region (HEC, 6.00 millions)
  • Identification of molecular markers for fecundity in Goat breeds of Pakistan (ALP, 9.75 millions)
  • Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection of Prion protein gene in five Goat breeds of Punjab.