Directorate of Sports

Achievements & Performance

This year proved to be the excellent year for UVAS Sports. UVAS made maximum participation in different Championships at different levels and showed marvellous performance overall, with 20 Gold Medals, 12 Silver Medals and 41 Bronze Medals thus, total of 73 Medals this year in the following Championships:

  1. HEC Intervarsity Championships 2017-18
  2. Provisional Level Championships 2017-18
  3. National Level Championships 2017-18
  4. International Level Championships 2017-18

Participation in Championships 2017-18

HEC Intervarsity Championships 2017-18

Male Events

Female Events


Intervarsity Kabaddi Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Chess Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Tug of War Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Basketball  Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Taekwondo Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Baseball  Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Bodybuilding Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Table Tennis  Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Weightlifting Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Football Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Archery Male Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Squash Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Badminton Zone Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Taekwondo Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Basketball Zone Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Rowing Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Baseball Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Judo Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Cricket Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Karate Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Handball Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Athletics Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Wrestling Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Badminton Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Table Tennis Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Handball Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Football Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Swimming Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Rock Climbing Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Wushu Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Squash Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Athletics Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Swimming Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Volleyball Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Rowing Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Archery Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Wushu Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Hockey Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Judo Championship 2017-18

Intervarsity Cycling Championship 2017-18


Intervarsity Karate Championship 2017-18



Intervarsity Athletics Championship 2017-18



Intervarsity Chess Championship 2017-18



Intervarsity Hockey Championship 2017-18



Intervarsity Lawn Tennis Championship 2017-18



Intervarsity Cycling Championship 2017-18



Intervarsity Mountraing Championship 2017-18



Intervarsity Boxing Championship 2017-18



Intervarsity Volleyball Championship 2017-18


HEC Intervarsity Championships 2017-18   

 Chess Woman Championship 2017-18

UVAS Team participated in All Pakistan Intervarsity Chess Championship 2018. Students played amazing and were unbeaten this time in all the rounds. UVAS Team got Gold Medal in all over Pakistan.

  • Iqra Nazir                                          Gold Medal
  • Sehrish Saleem                                  Gold Medal
  • Safa Kamran                                      Gold Medal


Taekwondo Woman Championship 2017-18

UVAS Team participated in All Pakistan Intervarsity Taekwondo Championship 2018 and got  2nd  Position in all over Pakistan with won 03 Gold 02 Silver and 08 Bronze Medals.

Bodybuilding Championship 2017-18

UVAS Bodybuilding Player in Intervarsity Bodybuilding Championship held at UVAS & all over got 2nd  position with 73 points.

  • Mr. Ahmad Rasool                                   Gold Medal
  • Mr.Zeeshan Mehmood                             Gold Medal
  • Mr. Ammar Ahmad                                  Gold Medal
  • Mr. Hafiz Tahir                                        Silver Medal 
  • Mr. Nouman & Mr. Usman Asif              Bronze Medal


Karate Woman Championship 2017-18

UVAS Karate female team participated in All Pakistan Intervarsity Karate Championship held at Lahore College for Women University Lahore. With 08 Medals & 50 points UVAS Karate, female team got      3rd  Position from all over Pakistan.


Wushu Woman Championship 2017-18

UVAS Wushu female team participated in Intervarsity Wushu Championship held at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar. With 07 Medals UVAS Wushu female team got 4th Position from all over Pakistan.

  • Ms. Sehrish Saleem                                       Silver Medal 
  • Noor-ul-Subah                                               Silver Medal 
  • Ms. Fatima Zaheer                                        Bronze Medal 
  • Abeera Nawab                                              Bronze Medal 
  • Atiqa Hassan                                                 Bronze Medal 
  • Rimsha Asif                                                   Bronze Medal 
  • Tehreena Tahir                                             Bronze Medal 

Wrestling Men Championship 2017-18                        

UVAS Wrestling team participated in Intervarsity Wrestling Championship held at UCP Lahore. Our Team Players won 02 Bronze Medals.

  • Mr. Bilal                                               Bronze Medal
  • Mr. Saddam Hussain                             Bronze Medal


Wushu Championship 2017-18

UVAS Wushu team participated in Intervarsity Wushu Championship held at UMT Lahore. Our Team Players won following medals:

  • Mr. Bilal                                             Gold Medal 
  • Mr. Abdul Rafay                               Bronze Medal
  • Mr. Younas                                        Bronze Medal
  • Mr. Ahmed Mehmood                       Bronze Medal


Judo Championship 2017-18

Our Judo team participated in All Pakistan Intervarsity Judo Championship 2018 at Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam.

  • Hamza Javed                                       Bronze Medal
  • Muhammad Younis                             Bronze Medal


Taekwondo Men Championship 2017-18

Our Taekwondo team participated in All Pakistan Intervarsity Taekwondo Championship 2018 held at UCP and our University player M. Shahan Anwar won Bronze Medal.  

Karate Men Championship 2017-18

UVAS team participated in All Pakistan Intervarsity Karate Championship 2018 held at Punjab University. Hasnain Raza and Abdul Rafey won 02 Bronze Medals.  

Provisional Championships 2017-18

Punjab Bodybuilding Championship                                           

UVAS Bodybuilding Player in All Punjab Bodybuilding Championship held at Narowal &  all over Punjab got 1st position.

  • Mr. Ahmad Rasool M                         Gold Medal
  • Mr. Zeeshan Mehmood                      Gold Medal
  • Mr. Usman Asif                                  Silver Medal
  • Mr. Mansoor Ahmad                          Bronze Medal
  • Mr. Zeeshan Balouch                            Bronze Medal

National Championships 2017-18

National Chess Championship 2017      

UVAS Female Chess team represented Punjab in National Chess Championship 2018 held at Pakistan Sports Board Quetta. Team stood first position in said championship among all the participating teams of Pakistan. Name of team players.

  • Saira Raffique
  • Iqra Nazir
  • Mushal Fatima


63rd National Weightlifting Championship 2017    

UVAS student Mr. Abdullah Butt represented HEC in 63rd National Weightlifting Championship at Pakistan Railway Stadium Lahore and got Gold Medal in heavy weight category.


7th National Shotokan Karate Championship 2017

UVAS Karate male/ female team participated in 7th National Shotokan Karate Championship held at GCU Lahore and won following medals.

  • Mr. S.M.Saad                                       Bronze Medal  
  • Mr. Saifullah                                        Bronze Medal  
  • M. Shahan                                            Bronze Medal  
  • Mr. Abubakar                                       Bronze Medal  
  • Ms. Sehrish Saleem                              Gold Medal
  • Ms. Zil-e-Norein                                  Gold Medal
  • Ms. Fatima Zaheer                                Silver Medal
  • Laiba                                                   Silver Medal
  • Ammara                                               Silver Medal
  • Rimsha Asif                                         Bronze Medal
  • Zil-e-Norein (Individual Kata)               Bronze Medal


66th Mr. and Junior Mr. Pakistan and National Bodybuilding Championship

UVAS Bodybuilding Player in 66th Mr. and Junior Mr. Pakistan and National Bodybuilding Championship held at Mehfil Theatre, Abbot Road, Lahore.  

  • Mr. Ahmad Rasool                                           Gold Medal
  • Mr. Zeeshan Mehmood                                  Silver Medal
  • Mr. Usman Asif                                              Bronze Medal

International Level Championship 2017-18

International Asian Amateur Chess Championship 2017       

Our Chess player Saira Rafique is participated in Asian Amateur Chess Championship 2017 at Chiang Mai, Thialand and stood 7th among 1700 rated players. 

International World Bodybuilding Championship 2017     

Our Bodybuilding player Mr. Zeeshan Mehmood participated in world Bodybuilding Championship held at magnolia & got 6th position.