Main Thrust Areas of Activities

1. University Staff Development

  • Subject Specialists (M.Sc/ M.Phil/Ph.D.)
  • Develop sub-professional support staff
  • Organize Short/Refresher Training

2. Development of Infrastructure

  • Renovate/Complete Clinical Facilities
  • Update of Practical Training Facilities
  • Establish Quality Control Labs. (feed, drugs, vaccines, products)
  • Update/Equip Disease Diagnostic Labs.
  • Equip/Construct Research Labs.
  • Construct Livestock/Poultry/Fish Farms and Experimental Stations
  • Computerization and Networking of Different Units
  • Construct Slaughter House, Dairy Products Plants and Processing Units of Animal Products and Byproducts.

3. Development of Research Programs in Different Disciplines


a) Breed Improvement/development Programs

  • Production of Progeny Tested Sires
  • Preservation of Buffalo Bull Semen
  • Protocols for Embryo Transfer Work
  • Germ Cell Sexing/Embryo Splitting
  • Genes Mapping/Cloning

b) Disease Diagnostics and Control Programs

  • Isolation and Preservation of Disease Causing Agents
  • Improvement/Development of Vaccines using Biotechnology
  • Study epidemiology of important animal diseases.

c) Feed and Forage Research

  • Appropriate Technology For Forage Conservation
  • High Yielding Multi-cut Forage Varieties
  • Evaluation of Non-conventional Feed Resources
  • Mineral Mapping of soils of Punjab
  • Development of Fish/ Pet animals Feeds

d) Food Products/Livestock By-Products

  • Processing of dairy products
  • Poultry Production
  • Meat Cuts & Grading
  • Slaughter house by-products (Casing, Fat, Blood, Bones & Skins)
  • Leather and Wool Technology

 e) Pet Animals and Recreational Activities

  • Hatchery for Pet Birds
  • Training, Breeding & Trading of Pet Animal
  • Indoor Facility for Pet Keeping
  • Housing & Management of Pet Birds and Fish


4. Solicit Support Funding

  • At University Level: Trough Professional/Consultancy Services
  • At Local/National Level:
    • Provincial Government
    • Federal Government: HEC, MINFAL, S&T
    • Other Federal Agencies: PARC, Science Foundation
    • Professional Organization: PPA, PDA, Idara-e-Kissan, etc.
    • Stake Holders
    • Animal/Pet Lovers
    • University's Alumni
  • At International Level: FAO, UNDP, IFAD, JICA, GTZ, etc.
  • Collaborations with different Universities