UVAS Flood Relief Campaign

  • The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) has served this nation in previous disastrous situations such as Earthquake (2005), and heavy floods in 2010 and 2014.
  • During pandemic of COVID-19, whether relevant to livestock sector or not, UVAS took it as moral responsibility and established a BSL-3 laboratory facility for testing the Corona Virus. Similarly, during the Lumpy skin disease (LSD) epidemic, UVAS also played its role in guiding and educating people through its awareness campaigns.
  • Like previous situations, UVAS is actively participating in recent flood disasters and has launched a “Flood Relief and Assistance Campaign” on 29/08/2022. Under this initiative, UVAS has established a Fund Camp for donations from general public, employees, and students.
  • To promote this campaign, UVAS organized First Donor Conference with Friends of UVAS on 02/09/2022 UVAS collected approximately 10 million PKR within one week (till 02/09/2022).
  • UVAS is also going to organize First International Donor Conference in order to raise funds.
  • A post-flood disaster assessment team visited flood affected areas to identify the required basic necessities and deprived areas. This team identified 4 areas such as Fazilpur, Rajanpur, Taunsa, and DG Khan for relief activities.
  • On 05/09/2022, UVAS sent four flood relief volunteer teams to the identified areas. These teams are going to provide relief items related to shelter, kitchen unit, medicines and hygienic food like dry ration, feed of animals as well as veterinary services to their livestock.
  • Before the departure of teams, a departure ceremony was arranged where Mr. Muhammad Malik Bhulla, Secretary, Livestock and Dairy Development Department (L&DD), Punjab and Mr. Khalid Ahmad Farooqa, Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Punjab acknowledged the initiatives of UVAS.
  • During Phase 1, teams in the selected areas (Fazilpur, Taunsa, DG Khan and Rajanpur) collectively treated and vaccinated 15,568 animals. According to estimation, around 2960 individuals (more than 290 families) were helped. Around 435 unit/items such as ration, mats, mosquito nets etc. were also distributed.
  • Phase 2 was also planned and 3 teams served in selected areas (Layyah, Rojhan, and Charsadda). Around 8570 animals were treated and vaccinated along with 340 animal feed bags were distributed. Around 421 units/items such as ration bags, clothes, mats, mosquitos nets, seed packets etc. were also distributed.


VC UVAS distributes ration among flood affected people

Front Line Soldiers of UVAS Just Before Departure.

Front Line Soldiers of UVAS Just Before Departure

On the Way of Humanity and Help

Reaching Remote Areas to help people is Need of Time

UVAS Flood Relief Team in Rajunpur

Vice Chancellor UVAS Giving Final Instructions to the Field Teams

Working Together - The Students, The Faculty and the Leaders