BS Poultry Science


BS Poultry Science was initiated in 2007 as a 4-year bachelor's degree program with the aim of producing professionals of international standards to serve the Poultry Industry of Pakistan. The students of BS Poultry Science at UVAS get themselves employed in leading companies like K&N's, Sabir's Poultry, Big Bird, Hi-Tech Poultry, SB Poultry, Jadeed Group, Supreme Poultry, Islamabad Group, Seasons Foods, Marus International, LCI, Forward Solutions, and other national and international companies and institutes and play their role as a valuable skilled human resource.

Career Opportunities in Poultry Science

The poultry sector offers excellent career prospects for aspiring entrepreneurs, farm managers and hatchery managers. Employment opportunities also exist in the areas of poultry meat processing and feed milling. The career opportunities include:

Poultry Farms

The graduate can choose any of the following farms to pursue their career in the poultry field. They will start career as Trainee Farm Manager and then progress as Assistant Farm Manager, Farm Manager, Area Manager, Assistant Production Manager, Production Controller and Production Manager with experience. The graduates have opportunities both in national and international companies to work in poultry farms.

    1. Grandparent (GP) Farms
    2. Parent stock Farms
    3. Broiler Farms
    4. Layer Farms
    5. Indigenous / Rural Poultry Farms

Feed Mill

The career in the feed mill sector starts from Assistant Production Manager and grows to Production Controller and Production Manager. The graduates can also work in Feed mill's Laboratory as Lab In charge.


The graduates can word as Assistant Production Manager, Production Controller and Production Manager in a Hatchery.

Processing Plant

The graduates can work in the Production and Quality Assurance Departments of a Chicken Processing Plant. In the Production Department, the career starts with Production Officer, and future opportunities include Production Controller, Assistant Production Manager, and Production Manager. Similarly, in the Quality Assurance Department, the graduates can work as Quality Assurance Officer, Quality Controller, Assistant Manager Quality Assurance, and Quality Assurance Manager.


The marketing sector for a Poultry Science graduate is very vast and dynamic and offer career in several sub sectors such as:

    1. Feed Marketing
    2. Chicks Marketing
    3. Vaccine Marketing
    4. Medicine Marketing
    5. Feed Additives Marketing
    6. Equipments Marketing
    7. Poultry Software Marketing

The marketing sector offers lucrative salary package and vehicle to fresh graduates.

Government Sector

The graduates also have a bright future in government sector. There are the following job opportunities as a Poultry Science graduate in the Government sector.

    1. University Teaching
    2. University Research
    3. Punjab Food Authority

Besides this, the graduates can apply for any government job based on graduation through public service commission, NTS, and other such agencies.

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Higher Education in Poultry Science

Opportunities for higher education in Poultry Science are vast both internationally and locally and areas of specialization include but are certainly not limited to

  1. Poultry Breeding and Genetics
  2. Poultry Nutrition
  3. Poultry Housing and Environment Control
  4. Poultry Meat Processing
  5. Egg Processing
  6. Poultry Marketing and Business Management
  7. Food Safety and Quality Control

Educational opportunities up to Post doctorate level are available in USA, UK, South Korea, Netherlands and many other countries.

Student Life in Poultry Science

Student life in poultry science is quite challenging and requires 24/7 dedication towards studies and practical work. It incurs a deep sense of responsibility and develops temperament for professional life at poultry farms. An excellent feature of BS Poultry science is that it involves research work at the graduate level which prepares the students for further education well in advance. The student publications are very much encouraged and appreciated at undergraduate level and students regularly publish their articles in Pakistan Poultry Magazine.