M.Sc. Statistics


“Data Analysis is An Art, Learn and Become a Data Scientist”

Statistics is a study of numeric information or data. It deals with techniques used in collection of numeric information, presentation of collected information, analysis of presented data, finally the interpretation of obtained results to make a decision more effective.  One can apply these methods in any field of life to get better insight for purposeful analysis on the collected information from individuals/objects. Descriptive and inferential analyses are backbone of every common practice in almost every field of science. Hence modern day research relevant to any sphere of life is completely unable to get a courageous enthusiastic move without application of sophisticated statistical models. Everyone is surrounded by lots of numeric information all the time collected in the form of dataset by many public and private organizations. Statistics as a whole give a speechful insight to the collected figures with actual facts. That’s why today’s statistician has become need of time as the only systematic reliable tool to reveal the truth in the areas of: Banking, Finance, Medical, Social Sciences etc. There is a dire need of era to become an expert in this field to get plenty of better job opportunities for a bright future.