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French Language Courses-Level

DELF A1 and A2

Duration: 3-4 Month

The classes of "French Language Courses" will resume from 15th February to 14tof June 2024. UVAS is the sub-campus of Alliance Française of Lahore. AF has provided us with the academic guidelines for the level A1 (90 hours course), A2 (120 hours), B1 (180 hours). The A1 and A2 diplomas will be delivered from France through Alliance Française of Lahore.



DELF A1 (90 hours course) and DELF A2 (120 hours)


UVAS, Hybrid mode


Students and teachers within and out of UVAS

Registration Fee/Tariff:

The following fee package per course excludes books and examination fee
For UVAS Alumni: DELF A1 Rs. 10,000/=, DELF A2 Rs. 12000/-, DELF B1=18000
For Non-UVASIANS: DELF A1 Rs. 18000/=, DELF A2 Rs. 18000/-


  1. Prof. Dr. Kamran Ashraf
  2. Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid (AF authorized teacher)

Contact Persons:

Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid imran.rashid@uvas.edu.pk

Attention: Seats are limited. It is advised to confirm your participation as early as possible.