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It has been observed with great concern that most of the students are not wearing University ID Cards. Therefore the Competent Authority has taken serious notice of the non-compliance by the students and staff.

Keeping in view the safety and security, the University Administration has decided to take precautionary actions and in order to have a complete and foolproof security clearance, all students are advised to prove their identity while entering the campuses of UVAS and it's all hostels, otherwise no one will be allowed to come in UVAS campuses /hostels .
The students are directed to get / keep their ID Cards. After 13th Feb., 2023, no student (in all campuses of the University) will be allowed to enter the University by the Security Officers / Guards at the main gates. The students found without ID Cards in the University premises will be fined an amount of Rs. 500/-

All the Deans/Directors/Principal Officers/Principals CVAS, Jhang, KBCMA CVAS, Narowal and PVS, Layyah/ Chairmen of the Teaching Departments and Heads of various University Sections/Units are requested to kindly make it ensure that all the students must wear the University ID Cards in the campuses and class rooms.

This will be extremely helpful for security purposes and will help to manage things in a better manner. Your cooperation towards this issue will be highly appreciated.

Prof. Dr. Kamran Ashraf 
Principal Officer Student's Affairs