Pet Centre

Departmental Impact of Pet Centre

No Poverty

  • Generation of fully trained and experienced ‘M.Phil Pet Animal Practices’ degree holders with clinical specialties in medicine and surgery.
  • Quick induction of Pet Animal clinicians in government institutions, hospitals, private clinics.
  • About 90% of Pet Animal specialists have started their own clinics and running successful business.
  • High demand of Pet Centre’s trained veterinarians in private and government sector.

Good Health and Well Being

  • Public awareness seminars, walks, pet animal free vaccination camps and celebration of international events to promote good health among pet animal keeping community by educating them about zoonotic health issues especially Rabies and other viral, fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections.
  • Public guidance for medical assistance in case of rabies suspected animal bite and other zoonotic infections.
  • Quarantine of newly acquired pets.

Quality Education

  • Hands on training for undergraduate, postgraduate students from UVAS as well as other universities on clinical cases of Small animal, birds and wildlife (Medicinal, Surgical, non-surgical and diagnostic procedures).
  • M.Phil degree program on ‘Small animal practices’.
  • Observer ship, hands on training and internship programs for Veterinary assistants.

    Foreign Trainings and Participation of Faculty

Partnerships for Goals

  • Member of zoo management committees for advisory services on policy making, management and clinical matters.
  • Facilitator of SAVERS, Vet Crescent, Vets Care societies of DVM students of UVAS of Pet animals health related matters, community services, international days i.e. World Rabies Day, World Spay Day, World Animal Day.
  • Advisory services to Governor house, Chief Minister secretariat, Canine unit of special branch Police, Rangers Head Quarter, Army Dog Centre and on demand advisory to official and private set up.
  • On campus and off campus Educational lectures and trainings for veterinarians and Para-veterinary students/staff of UVAS as well as other institutions and government sectors.
  • Collaborative activities with different International kennel clubs of Pakistan.


Partnerships for Goals