Center for Educational Policy and Administration (CEPA)


Center for Educational Policy and Administration (CEPA) was established in January 2010. Among other ideas, its main aims were to hold capacity building of faculty members, hold curriculum revision exercises and to promote uniform academic practices in teaching and evaluation through development of Learning Outcomes (LOs).

At CEPA we work,

  1. To define the general and degree specific attributes of a UVAS graduate and define means to achieve these attributes.
  2. Re-visiting existing degree program’s strengths and weakness.
  3. To promote uniform academic practices (teaching/evaluation).
  4. Devise ways to develop comprehensive evaluation system through consultation with the faculty, where a student is evaluated multiple times in more than one ways during a semester.
  5. Arrange workshops/seminars to engage the faculty in developing valid and reliable question papers.
  6. Effectuate a situation where course in-charge is instrumental in determining the schedule/conduct/evaluation methods of individual courses.