Department of Environmental Sciences

Resource & Training  Centre on Biogas:

Presently, this department provide  resource and training facilities to students, farmers and community especially in remote areas to  fulfill energy requirements from alternate energy sources especially  from Biogas from animal dung/different organic wastes.  A  biogas training unit is established at B-Block Ravi Campus at Pattoki  which is 25 m3 size  and can provide biogas sufficient to run 30 HP Peter engine for  4-7 hours using hybrid fuel (30% Diesel and 70 % Biogas). In addition to biogas for tube well operations, slurry  which is finely decomposed can directly be used as an organic fertilizer to reduce use of inorganic fertilizers so to reduce foreign exchange on fertilizer imports.


A training manual on Biogas plant installation and operation is also in the process to be published.

  1. Dr. Saif-Ur-Rehman Kashif is serving as member Biogas Committee, Govt. of Punjab.
  2. Dr. Saif-Ur-Rehman Kashif is working as a technical member on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Committee in Environmental Protection Department, Govt. of Punjab.