Muhammad Naveed ul Haque

BS (Hons.) AH, DVM, MS Animal Production (Agrocampus Ouest), PhD Animal Nutrition (INRA), Certified Livestock Management (MSU, USA)


Associate Professor

Muhammad Naveed ul Haque is an Associate Professor at the department of Animal Nutrition, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. 
Drawing on his experience working in the animal nutrition industry, Naveed research examines nutrient requirements of dairy cattle and buffalo, precision nutrition, transition cow nutrition and aflatoxins in dairy cattle. He teaches courses related to feed formulation, feed manufacturing, ruminant nutrition and protein metabolism to D.V.M, MPhil and PhD level. Naveed also serves as Laboratory Incharge for Undergraduate lab at UVAS. He also serve as a nutritionist for US Holstein dairy cattle herd maintained at UVAS.
Naveed has received several awards for his research, including an Overseas scholarship from Higher Education Commission, Start-up research grant and NRPU from HEC Pakistan, and Nestle Pakistan research grant as Co-principal Investigator. His PhD thesis was ranked 2nd among 31 thesis submitted in the year 2012 by the French Association for Animal Production. Previously, he worked at Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Punjab, Engro Foods Pakistan, Control Laitier du Normande (France), Adisseo France, and INRA France.
Naveed holds BS (Hons.) Animal Husbandry, D.V.M, MS Animal Production (Agrocampus Ouest), and PhD in Animal Nutrition (INRA). He also holds a certificate in Dairy Management from Mississippi State University. Training on Large Animal Clinical Practices from Kesetsart University Thailand.


Area of Interest

Precision nutrition, livestock, feed formulation systems (INRA, NRC, CNCPS), data analysis using SAS and R, French Language




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  1. Oral presentation on Recent advances in buffalo nutrition. Oral presentation at International buffalo congress (IBC-2019) held on 18-19 February, 2019, at Pearl Continental Lahore Pakistan. 
  2. Oral presentation on transition cow nutrition at “International ruminant workshop (IRNW) held on 17-18 October, 2019 at UVAS, Jhang-Pakistan”
  1. Oral presentation at bovine udder health symposium as an invited speaker on 27th November 2019. UVAS. Lahore. Pakistan.
  2. M.N. Haque, H. Rulquin, A. Andrade, P. Faverdin, J.L Peyraud and S. Lemosquet. Providing an “ideal” profile of essential amino acids in the intestine increased milk protein yield in lactating dairy cows fed both below and above protein requirements in International symposium on energy and protein metabolism (ISEP 2010, Parma, Italy). Oral Presentation
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Training Conducted by Dr Muhammad Naveed ul Haque for USAID Dairy Project

Training No



Topic of trainings


14-18 Oct 2019

Resource Person in IVPD for VO (L&DD)

Ruminant Nutrition



Dry Pregnant & Transition Cow Management

Milk Fever Prevention Strategies



Dry Pregnant & Transition Cow Management

Springing heifer management (separate group from mature cows, DCAD difference, growth allowance)



Nutrition and Management of Transition Cows

Regulation of Dry matter intake



Nutrition and Management of Transition Cows

Stress management



Dairy Nutrition Training Program

Feeding strategies before and after calving, metabolic disorders



Dairy Reproduction Management

Nutrition Role around Calving: Importance at calving and postpartum fertility



Dairy Nutrition

Feed formulation



Dairy Nutrition

Feeding strategies before and after calving, metabolic disorders



Dairy Nutrition Training Program

Feeding strategies before and after calving


27-10- 2016

Dairy Nutrition Training Program

Metabolic Disorders, Feed formulation



Lactating Herd Management

Relationship of BCS with metabolic issues



Feed resources, nutrition, and management

Minerals and Vitamins deficiencies, Feed additives and supplements

Training Received by Dr. Muhammad Naveed ul Haque

  1. One-month training on “Clinical Practices in Large Animals” at Kasetsart University Thailand (2020).
  2. Participated in 3 days workshop on Advanced Learning Insemination in Chicken: an emerging trend in Pakistan Poultry Industry 27-29 September 2016
  3. Participated in 2 days workshop on “How to use statistical tools in research publications” from 9th to 10th August 2016
  4. Election training for presiding officer
  5. Cochran Fellowship program on dairy herd management, USA 2015
  6. International Poultry Nutrition Conference 2015 management secretary 2015

Research projects



Title of Project

Funding Agency




Evaluation of
different pre-calving nutritional strategies on metabolic disorders and post-calving performance of
holstein-cows in pakistan


On going



Efficiency of Nitrogen Utilization in Response to Level of Crude Protein Supplies in Lactating Nili-Ravi Buffalo





Assesment of Aflatoxin control measures on performance of dairy animals in Punjab

Nestle Pak




Pilot study on sustainable data recording for buffalo production at commercial dairy farm operations




MPhil produced = 7
Mphil under supervision = 3
PhD under supervision = 4