Dr. Ehsaan Ullah Khan

DVM, Ph.D (Animal Nutrition, Scholar) Department of Animal Nutrition
Assistant Professor

Office: +92 (49) 4427083 (Ext) 5028

Email:  ehsaan@uvas.edu.pk

BIOGRAPHY                                                                                  .

Dr. Ehsaan Ullah Khan has been with UVAS since 2009 and currently working as LECTURER in Deparment of Animal Nutrition. He has got his DVM degree from UVAS in 2004. Being scholar, he is about to finish with Ph.D work in near future from UVAS under supervision of Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha. His area of interest is Ruminant Nutrition, in particular the buffalo and cattle calf management; early weaning, rumen development and healthy growth. Other core areas of work include; post weaning, pre-pubertal and post pubertal heifer nutrition, fattening of beef animals, veal calves production, small ruminant nutrition and evaluation of alternative feed resources for both ruminants and poultry. He has been involved in teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate theory and practical classes. As a part of Departmental activities of development, he has been involved in establishment of “Amino Acid Analysis  Lab”, “Poultry Bio- digestibility Determination Facility” and “Modern Animal Nutrition Lab” in Ravi Campus Pattoki.

Too seek insight on modern dairy and beef  fattening practices in Australia and possibility of their implementation in Pakistan’s modern farming, he has been in Australia with ASLP delegate. To establish competency in modern dairy nutrition, he has got Diploma of “Dairy Farm Management Specialist” from PTC+ Institute, The Netherlands. He is also the part of extension activities, including member of Nutrition Focus group (ASLP), UVAS 24/7 Extension and conducted a number of trainings on forum of  NRSP, L&DD and USAID both for farmers and livestock extension workers.

Ehsaan ullah Khan has completed one National (with PARB) and one International (with ASF-USAID) project being Co-PI and also working as active member of two current projects in Department of Animal Nutrition being total worth of Rs. 89.165 Million. He has also participated in several National and International conferences & workshops including as a resource person.

AREAS OF INTEREST                                                                                .

  • Calf and Heifer Nutrition
  • Nutrition of fattening and dairy animals
  • Alternative feed resources for poultry and livestock



  • Participation in seminar on “Probiotics in feed of dairy animal” Organized by Department of Animal Nutrition and Ghazi Brothers Pakistan. Sep, 2016.
  • Participation in the “International Poultry Expo” Organized by Pakistan Poultry Association. Sep, 2016.
  • Hands on training on “Altech Dairy Development Program” Organized by Altech Pakistan. Aug, 2016.
  • Seminar on “NEFA and fat metabolism in dairy cows” Organized by Department of Animal Nutrition and Kemin International. Aug, 2016.
  • Oral Presentation on “Neonatal calf health and nutrition.” In a seminar organized by Ghazi Brothers Pakistan, July, 2016.
  • National  seminar  on  “Buffalo  feeding  strategies”  organized  by  department  of  livestock production and PARB, April, 2016
  • Oral  Presentation  on  “Importance  and  implementation  of  Zinc  in  Animal  Nutrition.”  on occasion of “Zinc Day at NIAB” April, 2016.
  • Workshop on “strategies to overcome scarcity periods of fodder production, current situation and challenges organized by UVAS Business School, Lahore (03 March 2016) March 03, 2016.
  • Participated  in  “International  Poultry  Nutrition  Conference  and  Expo”  Organized  by Nutritionist Association of Pakistan & UVAS. Nov, 2015.
  • Participated in “Food and Nutrition Week 2015” Organized by NAP & UVAS, 2015.
  • Workshop on “Up-gradation of Modules in Molecular Genetics and Genomes” Organized by British Council INSPIRE. March, 2015.
  • Invited speaker “Feed Lot Nutrition, The Prospect in Pakistan.” on “Investment opportunities in feedlot fattening sector through Halal financing, USAID & PEEP” 2015.
  • Invited  speaker  in  “Workshop  on  commercial  dairy  farm  management”  University  of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore- 2014
  • Workshop on Nutritional requirements at different stages and metabolic disorders in dairy cattle, Alltech Pakistan, UVAS, Ravi Campus, Pattoki 2013.
  • Conference on International Livestock Nutrition Conference, NAP, University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore 2013.
  • Workshop on 6th Extension Worker Training: Ration Formulation (As a resource person), ASLP Dairy Project, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore 2013.
  • Workshop on Course Design, Assessment and Micro-teaching, LID Division, PCEPT,UVAS, Lahore 2010-2011.
  • Workshop on Biostatistics and Data Analysis Concepts, Department of Biostatistics, UVAS, Lahore 2011.
  • Seminar on “Road map for dairy development in Pakistan” (As a Resource Person), UVAS, Lahore (3/6/2010).
  • Sixth Asian Buffalo Congress, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan, (10/27/2009 to 10/30/2009).
  • Workshop on University Student Forum under ASLP Project, University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore (2/10/2009 to 2/12/2009).
  • Participated in conference of “Nutrition Association of Pakistan”, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan, 2007.