Mr. Mubashar Ali                                                 
DVM (Gold medalist), M.Phil. UVAS (Animal Nutrition) Department of Animal Nutrition
Office: +92 (49) 4427083 (Ext) 5025


Mr. Mubashar Ali has been with UVAS since 2017 and currently working as LECTURER in Department of Animal Nutrition. He has got his DVM degree from UVAS in 2017. He has completed his M.Phil. from UVAS under supervision of Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha. His area of interest is Ruminant Nutrition, in particular the Holstein Frisian calf management; early weaning, rumen development and healthy growth. Other than this work include; post weaning, pre-pubertal and post pubertal heifer nutrition, fattening of beef animals and evaluation of alternative feed resources for ruminants. He has been involved in teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate practical classes. He is member of various professional bodies including Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council, Nutritionists association of Pakistan. He is scholarship holder at Selçuk University Konya, Turkey under Mevlana Exchange Programme.
As a part of Departmental activities of development, he has been involved in UVAS dairy farm nutritional and housing management in B-block Ravi Campus Pattoki. He also holds a certificate in Dairy Management from USAID-TRDFP.

Areas of Interest

  • Precision dairy nutrition, livestock, feed formulation systems (NRC, CNCPS).
  • Alternative feed resources for poultry and livestock


  • Gold Medalist in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Solve Agri Pak Gold Medalist
  • 2nd position in DVM Championship competition
  • HEC Scholarships throughout degree
  • Mevlana Externship scholarship TURKEY


Scientific Conferences, Trainings and Workshops

  • Participation in/as Proctor of Management Committee “International Conference on Advances in Parasitology and Public Health” (ICAPPH-2014) held at CVAS, Jhang by HEC & UVAS-Lahore
  • Participation Certificate, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore as Participant “Dairy innovative and training conference” held at Ravi Campus by Dairy Technology Department UVAS-Pattoki
  • Participation in “ International Livestock Nutrition Summit-2017” held at UVAS, Lahore
  • Participation in “Trends and Innovation in Food Processing Technology: Prospects and Challenges” held at UVAS Ravi Campus, Lahore
  • Participation in “International Buffalo Congress (IBC 2019)” organized by L & DD and UVAS at Lahore