Regulations Relating to Award of ...........
Regulations relating to award of postgraduate scholarships
  1. The University Scholarships shall be admissible to students who are domiciled in the province of Punjab
  2. All scholarships awarded by the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore shall be tenable at the University only and shall not be transferable if the recipient migrates to any other institution.
  3. The scholarships shall be awarded in order of merit determined on the basis of marks obtained in the last degree Examination passed, irrespective of the year of passing the Examination.

  4. The scholarships shall be awarded to the regular students enrolled during the first term only, provided that the vacant scholarships, if any, may be awarded to the students enrolled in subsequent terms for the remaining period of the tenure of scholarships
  5. The scholarships for the post-graduate course shall be awarded on Annual basis commencing form 1st September.
  6. The distributions of scholarships to M.Sc. (Hons.) / M.Phil. / Ph.D.  course shall be made as under:-
    i) Scholarships of higher value will be given on open merit and of lower value on      departmental basis:
    ii)  One scholarship will be reserved for each Teaching Department of the University.
  7. On transfer from one department to another, the departmental scholarship, if vacant, shall be awarded to a student from the date he joins the new department
  8. If a student who is an employee of Government or any of the local authorities in Pakistan province of Punjab becomes entitled to a scholarship, it shall be paid to him, on the production of a certificate from his parent department or authority that he will not be in receipt of any pay from the department or authority for the period he / she receives a scholarship from the University.  If the certificate is not produced within one month of the award, the scholarship shall be cancelled and awarded to the next eligible student.

  9. Except for special stipends, students who pass the University Examination as a whole and at the time of the Annual Examination only shall be eligible for the award of scholarships. A candidate who did not qualify the Examination in the first attempt will not be entitled to the award of scholarship.

  10. A student shall not be allowed to receive more than one scholarship at a time.
  11. Scholarships are awarded on the express understanding that the recipient will attend the classes regularly and pursue his studies industriously.  Should it appear at any time that the scholar has been  irregular  in  attendance  or  has failed to make satisfactory progress in studies, he shall after due warning forfeit his scholarship.  The scholarship will also liable to cancellation if the Vice-Chancellor is not satisfied with the conduct of the scholar

  12. If  a  scholar  fails  in  a  University  Examination, he /  she shall forfeit his her scholarship for  the  remaining  period,  unless it is certified that his / her failure was not due to any negligence on his / her part.
  13. In the case of Ph.D. students the scholarships may be granted for a period of more than two years, but not exceeding three years on  the  recommendations of  the  Supervisory  Committee and Advanced  Studies  and  Research Board  for reasons  to  be recorded.
  14. The payment of scholarship will be made on production of a certificate every month from the Supervisor concerned to the effect that  the  student  has  been  regular in his / her studies and his / her conduct has been satisfactory throughout the month
  15. The scholarships shall be awarded in order of merit determined on the basis of marks obtained in the last degree Examination passed, irrespective of the year of passing the Examination provided that the scholarships allocated to M.Sc. (Hons.) / M.Phil. / Ph.D. students on the basis of overall merit and to each department, shall be awarded after adding five per cent weightage in marks of these students, if any, who have passed D.V.M. / M.Sc.(Hons.) / M.Phil. Examinations from the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore.