Regulations Relating to Award of ....
Regulations relating to award of undergraduate scholarships
  1. The University Scholarships shall be admissible to students who are domiciled in the province of Punjab.
  2. All scholarships awarded by the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore shall be tenable at this University only and shall not be transferable if the recipient migrates to any other institution.
  3. Except for special stipends awarded in consideration of the financial position of a student, scholarships shall be awarded in order of merit on the basis of the marks obtained in the last Examination

  4. The scholarship shall be awarded to the youngest student when two or more students are competing for it on the basis of having obtained equal number of marks.
  5. The amount of scholarship to be awarded to a scholar, the period for which it is tenable and the class in which it is admissible shall be specified at the time of award and shall not be altered during its tenure.
  6. Except for special stipends mentioned above, students who pass the University Examinations as a whole and at the time of the Annual Examination only shall be eligible for the award of scholarships. A candidate who did not qualify the Examination in the first attempt will not be entitled to the award of scholarship.
  7. Payment  of  scholarship  to the recipient shall be subject to his / her good conduct and satisfactory performance in studies, as certified every month by the Tutor concerned.
  8. A student shall not be allowed to receive more than one scholarship at a time.
  9. The University scholarship shall lapse when;
       i)  the scholar dies:
       ii)  the scholar is absent without leave for six   consecutive working days; or
      iii)  the scholar discontinues the course for which the scholarship was tenable
  10. Scholarships are awarded on the express understanding that the recipient will attend the classes regularly and pursue his studies industriously.  Should it appear at any time that the scholar has been  irregular  in  attendance  or  has failed to make satisfactory progress in studies, he / she shall, after due warning, forfeit this scholarship. The scholarship will also be liable to cancellation if the Vice-Chancellor is not satisfied with the conduct of the scholar.
  11. If a scholar fails in a University Examination, he shall forfeit his scholarship for the  remaining  period, unless  it  is  certified that his failure was not due to any negligence on his / her part.
  12. When a scholarship lapses or is forfeited, or is declined by a scholar, a re-award may be made. In such cases, the scholarship shall be tenable from the date of the re-award to the end of the period for which it was originally awarded.