Rules for Change in Name or Addtion of Surname.....
Rules for change in name or addtion of surname in the degrees and certificates
  1. a. No application for a change in name, given in a degree / certificate / diploma shall be entertained; provided that the Vice-Chancellor may, on the recommendation of Deans / Directors, allow to change in the name; in the case of a person in possession of a degree of a Civil Court to the effect that his / her name has been changed, on payment of prescribed fee.

    b. The application of the person applying for a change in his name shall be accompanied by:

    (i) An attested copy of the decree of the Court.

    (ii) An attested copy of a recent photograph.

    (iii) Bank Challan for deposit prescribed fee in Bank for each degree / certificate / diploma.


  2. The duplicate degree / certificate / diploma shall be issued after giving a reference to the order of court and the former name thereon.

  3. The Vice-Chancellor may, on payment of prescribed fee by the applicant, allow addition of surname / family name to the name of person or his father provided that the application accompanied by (ii) and (iii) of rule 1 (b) for such an addition is received through the Dean or Director concerned, who shall after satisfying himself recommend that the request in his opinion is genuine and may be acceded to.

  4.  In all the above cases, all the previous degree / certificates / diplomas issued to the person concerned shall be cancelled and duplicate degree / certificates / diplomas issued and corresponding changes made in the Registration record of the person concerned.