Regulations Relating to Student Attendance
  • Every student admitted to the University shall be required to give an undertaking to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the University and to carry out the orders issued from time to time.
  • A student may be struck off the rolls of the University for any of the following reasons:-
    i) Absence from the class, hostel or games / drill continuously for one week without proper permission
    ii) Irregular attendance in class, hostel or games / drill
    iii) Absence from an Examination
  • (i) The tutor shall be competent to grant leave of absence to an under graduate student upto seven days at one time on grounds of ill health or other circumstances justifying absence from the studies. For leave of absence beyond seven days, the Senior Tutor shall be competent to sanction the leave applied for but he will simultaneously inform the Dean/ Director concerned.
    (ii) The Head of a teaching department shall be competent to grant leave of absence to a post-graduate student enrolled in his department.
    (iii) A Medical Certificate from the Resident Medical Officer or a Registered Medical Practitioner must accompany the application for leave on medical grounds.
  • student absenting himself without leave will be fined per lecture or practical. Absence without leave for the whole day will also entail fine.
  • A student anticipating or overstay vacation, without obtaining leave from the Dean/ Director concerned, will be fined for each day of absence.
  • A student absenting himself / herself without leave from a sessional or term test will be fined.
  • A student absenting himself / herself without leave from games / drill will be fined.


    1.  No student who has remained on the rolls of the University for two years, shall be readmitted to that class.

    2.  A student whose attendance in lectures / practicals in each subject of his / her study falls below 40% in an academic year shall not be readmitted to that class. However, the period of absence in the following circumstances may not be counted for the purpose of calculation of percentage of attendance.
    (i). Continued illness where leave is granted on the basis of a medical certificate.

    (ii). Late admission to the class.

    (iii). Participation in extracurricular activities outside Lahore with the permission of Dean/ Director concerned.

    3.  A student who has obtained two postgraduate degrees from the University shall not be admitted to a postgraduate course without special permission of the Vice Chancellor.


    In case of students who are selected by the Government or the University for proceeding on goodwill mission outside the country, the lectures / practical delivered in the University Department during the period of absence of such persons not exceeding on month shall be deducted from the total number of lectures / practical delivered to the class and the required percentage of attendance for purpose of Examinations shall be based on the balance of lectures / practical.


    “Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Regulations relating to the attendance requirements for admission to the University Examinations, a student who has not been able to attend lectures or practical on account of his / her participation in or training for a recognized national, international or inter-University sports or literary contest, may have the number of lectures delivered and the practical held and during his deducted from the total number of lectures and practical, and the required percentage shall be based on the balance of such lectures and practical”

    For the purpose of the Regulations, only such participation or training shall be taken into account as has been duly authorized by the authorities mentioned hereunder:-

    (i). Chairman, Sports Board, in case of sports contest.

    (ii). Vice Chancellor, in case of literary contest