Regulations Relating to Grant of Exemption.......
Regulations relating to grant of exemption from examination on ground of illness and other reason
  • If a candidate is unable to appear in the Examination for any of the following reasons:-

    i) serious illness
    ii) serious injury due to accident.
    iii) death of a near relative on the day of the Examination; or
    iv) his selection for or participation in an international sports contest as national representative
    he shall be permitted to appear in Examination conducted by the concerned Teacher on the recommendation of the Dean of the Faculty for under graduate students and Director Advanced Studies & Research for postgraduate students with the approval of the Vice Chancellor
  • The applications of such candidates shall be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor through the Dean of the Faculty or Director Advanced Studies & Research not later than the seventh day from the date the candidate is unable to take or complete the Examination.
  • Such applications must be certified by the Dean of the Faculty (For Undergraduate students) or Director Advanced Studies & Research (For Postgraduate students) that the candidate had a reasonable chance of success if he had appeared in the Examination and that the candidate could not appear in or complete the Examination without great danger to his health, or other reasons recorded above and it was physically impossible for the candidate to appear in, or complete the Examination.
  • Certificate of illness must be supported by a Registered Medical Practitioner and countersigned by Resident Medical Officer of University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore.
  • The above Regulations shall not be applicable to candidates of the Ph.D. written and oral Comprehensive Examinations