Regulations Relating to Award of Loan Scholarships
  1. Loan scholarships are granted by the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore to talented students of poor means for their education at the University.
  2. The Vice-Chancellor shall appoint a Committee for the award of these scholarships to be known as “University Loan Scholarships Committee”.
  3. The Committee shall consider the applications of students for loan scholarships and determine the amount of loan that may be given to an applicant, keeping in view the following factors:
    i) Funds available for the award of loan scholarships
    ii) Financial position of the applicant and other financial aids, if any, received by him / her.
    iii) Financial requirements of the applicant, particularly those pertaining to University dues and purchase of books and equipment.
    iv) Merit of performance in studies and general conduct.
  4. The maximum amount of the loan will not exceed the normal expenses of a student’s education at the University
  5. The loan scholarships will be given for not more than one academic year at a time, and will be paid in monthly installments.
  6. The Committee may stop the payment of loan scholarship to a student, should it appears at any time that he / she has been irregular in attendance or has failed to make satisfactory progress in studies or is guilty of misconduct.
  7. The student selected for the award of loan scholarship shall execute a bond (copy given on next page), undertaking to repay the amount of the loan within a period not exceeding twice the length of time for which the loan was made, and in such installments as may be stipulated in the bond. The repayment shall commence not later than one year after the recipient completes his studies at the University.
  8. When the recipient of a loan scholarship discontinues his / her studies without the express consent of the loan Scholarships Committee, he / she shall make immediate repayment of the loan failing which appropriate action will be taken by the Treasurer to recover the loan from him / her.
  9. The recipients of loan scholarships shall keep the Treasurer of the University informed of any change of their address, or that of the surety, till such time as the amount is repaid.
  10. The recipient of a loan scholarship must immediately inform the Loan Scholarships Committee if he / she is granted any financial assistance from any other agency.

    I____________________________S/O, D/O.________________________ resident of____________________________________________________ have applied to University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore, for a loan of Rs.__________. The University Loan Scholarship Committee has kindly consented to advance a loan of Rs.___________. for the year___________. I undertake to fulfill the under mentioned conditions which form the essence of this contract and will be bound by them.

    1. I am major and of sound mind.

    2. I make this promise of my own free will and without coercion or undue influence of anybody.

    3. I shall pay back the amount in _________ equal installments starting not later than one year after graduation.

    4. Any dispute arising between the parties will have referred to Vice- Chancellor and his decision shall be final and binding on the parties.

    5. I shall promptly inform the change in my address and the address of the surety to the University Loan Scholarship Committee.

    Signature of Applicant

    Address_____________ ____________________ ____________________


    I__________________________S/O.,D/O.____________________________Resident of _________________________________________________ hereby undertake to make payment of the said loan to the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore, in case____________________________________________________ fails to clear the debt in accordance with conditions stipulated above.

    Signature of Surety


    __________________________ Witness No. 1________________

    __________________________ Witness No.2________________