Directorate of Student's Affairs

Annual Report of Directorate of Student's Affairs

The Director Student's Affairs is a senior position within the university and comprises of a Director and two Associate Directors. This office is a liaison between the University authorities and students. Primarily this office communicates the problems being faced by the students to the concerned quarters and helps in amicable solutions. In addition, the provision of a conducive environment is the prime responsibility of this directorate within and outside the class room for smooth conduct of academic activities. At large, this office is committed in maintaining discipline on the campus and to assist the students on their successful path to graduation. The Director carries overall responsibility for a wide range of services and functions supporting the educational, social and welfare needs of students. The responsibilities includes:-

  1. Time table preparation.
  2. Preparation of semester schedule.
  3. Preparation of Date sheets.
  4. Guidelines and queries related to scholarships.
  5. Issuance of Character certificate.
  6. Issuance of bonafide certificate.
  7. Orientation of 1st year class.
  8. Nomination of participants in the student’s convention.
  9. Maintenance of discipline on campus.
  10. Regular monitoring of lecture rooms and other facilities.
  11. Day to day student problems and their solutions.