Severe Hot Weather Alert

Precautionary Measures During Harsh Weather

The university administration is taking various measures for UVAS students’ safety during this harsh weather conditions.

    • Air-Condition in Designated Areas: Areas are designated for students to spend their free time other than classes. Special arrangements are made to ensure air-conditioning in these areas during university timings. These areas are included:
      • UVAS Library
      • Amphitheatre
      • Classrooms (when are vacant)
      • Student Techer Center
    • Fresh Drinking Water: Students are desired to drink plenty water during their stay at university. Special arrangements for the provision of fresh cool water are made not only in above-mentioned areas but also in various locations Like IPS, MICRO, IBBT, FOOD Nutrition, Anatomy, FSLBM buildings etc.
    • Un-interrupted Power Supply: Generators will be functional during university timings for provision of un-interrupted power supply during loadshedding to continuous provision of electricity.
    • Clinical Services: Students are advised to keep themselves in the shady areas and ensure drinking of more water / beverages. God forbids if any of the student exposed to heatwave, he/she should instantly visit to UVAS dispensary for first aid. In case of emergency ambulance service is also ensured.      
    • Provision of Information/safety instruction: Information / instruction for prevention against heatwave are shared to all the students in their CTS logins. Contact information of focal persons are also provided in case of emergency.

All students are therefore advised to follow all the instructions and ensure all the safety measures to ensure their health and to avoid any academic loss in case of emergency.


Principle Officer Student Affairs