Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.  Eligibility criteria
A.  F.Sc Premedical, minimum marks obtained 60%'

Q.  Last year merit?
A.  Marks for males 924 and for females 938

Q.  Maximum age required
A.  Not more than 23 years

Q.  Fee/Dues of the course?
A.  ------ As per notified by the treasurer office

Q.  Duration of the Degree?
A.  5 years ( 10 semesters).

Q.  Timing of classes?
A.  Morning (8:00 AM to 03:00 PM).          Evening (12:10 PM to 7:00 PM)

Q.  Scholarships or Financial aid is available or not?
A.  Yes, Needy scholarships and merit scholarships are available.

Q.  Transport facility by University?
A.  No.

Q.  Hostel facility?
A.  Yes, hostels are available in front of the main campus connected with overhead bridge to facilitate the students.There are six residential halls, which have been named as Iqbal Hall, Jinnah Hall, Tipu Hall, Sir Syed Hall, Seth Sarwar Hall and a Fatima Hostel.All male and female students on the roll of the University, who are not resident of Lahore city, are provided with on campus residence. Seats in the hostels are provided on the basis of academic performance, duration of stay in the hostel and good conduct of the student.

Q.  Facilities in hostel?
A.  These halls provide excellent accommodation for about 800-900 students. There is provision of dormitories, cubical and bi-seater accommodation. There are two student run messes/tuck shops. Common room facilities such as indoor games, T.V. etc. are available. Residents requiring medical advice may approach to the University Medical Officer, at the Dispensary on the main campus. Four superintendents & eight resident hall tutors are working under the supervision and guidance of a Hall Warden for the smooth working on hostel affairs. A computer laboratory in Iqbal Hall is available. Wi-Fi internet facility is also available for the resident students.

Q.  Books or study material?
A.  Yes, UVAS Library is situated at the first floor of the Academic block. University provides effective library services for the promotion of higher education & research. Library has latest collection of books, journals & scientific magazines. Beside this Department of Microbiology has excellent books & reading material collection regarding different aspects of microbiology.

Q.  Condition of classrooms?
A.  Classrooms are in fine condition with air conditioning system, equipped with audio visual aids and comfortable seating chairs.

Q.  Procedure of admission?
A.  Admissions are given purely on merit basis, no entry test/ interview is required for admission.

Q.  Are there any additional marks for Hafiz Quran candidates
A.  Yes, 20 additional  marks will be added in F.Sc marks after the test of Hifz from Holly Quran

Q.  Is it advantageous to take extra qualification beyond F.Sc?
A.  No

Q.  Campus for classes?
A.  Classes will be conducted at City campus, Lahore. and Ravi campus Pattoki. For students admitted in CVAS-Jhang, Classes will be at Jhang campus.

Q.  Job opportunities?
A.  Successful graduates can get employment in Livestock & Dairy Development Departments in all the provinces of Pakistan. Public sector placements include those in Veterinary Hospitals, Disease Diagnosis Labs, Breed Improvement, Livestock Farms, Extension Services, and Research Directorates. Some of them join the academia and others decide to go abroad. Numerous graduates from UVAS are now practicing vets in North America and other developed countries. UVAS veterinary graduates also serve as commissioned officers in Pakistan Army (RV&FC) and Rangers. Various national and multi-national dairy and poultry companies look forward with exciting packages to hire vet graduates for their agro-livestock services, farms and processing plants. In short, this is a unique professional degree which enables the graduate to choose from a multitude of options and build an exciting carrier.

Q.  Higher studies after bachelor degree?
A.  Yes, students have opportunity to enroll their higher degree at well-known institutions not only in Pakistan but also in International Universities.

Q.  Affiliation/ Recognition of the degree?
A.  UVAS is one of the HEC recognized degree awarding institution. It is one of the best institutions in Life Sciences. According to rule, University has competent authority to award the degree to successful candidate on the completion of degree.

Q.  Degree is accredited or not?
A.  Yes, this degree program is accredited by Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC) and its curriculum is completely fulfilling the HEC requirements. It is recognized & accepted all over the World.

Q.  Does it matter how long ago my coursework was completed?
A.  No, but age must not be more than 23 years

Q.  Where do I get an application for admission?
A.  Please visit our admission offices at UVAS, city campus Lahore or CVAS Jhang campus. Admission forms are also available on our website

Q.  I applied last year. Do I need to resubmit a new application?
A.  Yes

Q.  Can I transfer to UVAS from its affiliated institution?
A.  No

Q.  Does it matter how long ago my coursework was completed?
A.  Year of passing of F.Sc  does not matte but age must not be more than 23 years

Q.  Can I postpone enrollment?
A.  No.

Q.  What is the class size?
A.  We admit 150 new students in morning and 50 in evening program each year.

Q.  Does UVAS accept international applications?
A.  Yes, there are five reserve seats for foreign students

Q.  Are there any reserved seats in DVM program?
A.  Yes, there are reserved seats for the candidates from AJK, Northern Areas, Balochistan, FATA, Defense forces, overseas Pakistanis, foreign countries. Seats are also reserved for categories such as for disables, children of UVAS employees, children of UVAS registered alumni, children of veterinary/ poultry industrialists and on the basis of sports quota.   

We hope this answers many of your questions regarding admission to our DVM program.  Please remember to periodically visit our web site at for updated information.