Guideline for Postgraduate Students

Minimum residential requirement            =      04 Semesters  
(Full time student)


Maximum residential requirement           =      06 Semesters 
(full time student)  


To complete enrolment formalities in each semester, the student will submit dues & enrolment form complete in all respect


Ordinarily a full time student shall not be enrolled for more than 16 and less than 10 credits in a semester except for the last semester.


At the end of 1st semester, a student must obtain a GPA of 2.00. However, in case of GPA 1.75 or above but less than 2.00, he will be promoted to 2nd semester, but only once and will be kept on probation.


At the end of 2nd semester, a student must obtain a CGPA of 2.00 and must also pass at least 50% of the courses enrolled by him.


At the end of 3rd and onward semesters, CGPA of a student should not be less than 2.00; otherwise he/she will cease to be on the roll.


For the award of the degree, a student must obtain CGPA at least 2.50


Submission of Course Work Program and constitution of their Supervisory Committee is due at the end of 2nd semester


Submission of Synopsis to the Board of Studies is due at the end of 3rd semester


The route of Synopsis approval will be as under:

    1. If Faculty Scrutiny Committee does not suggest any change, the Dean concerned will forward the Synopsis to Director, Advanced Studies (DAS) for approval and Notification.
    2. If Faculty Scrutiny Committee suggests any change, the Dean will send the Synopsis back to the Chairman of concerned Department to ask the student to make suggested changes in the Synopsis. After making the changes, Chairman of the Department will send the Synopsis to Chairman, Faculty Scrutiny Committee for onward submission to DAS for approval.


Discontinuation of Semester =  Student can discontinue the Semester only once but only after first semester


Submission of Semifinal/Final Thesis = During the 4th (regular) Semester.


Thesis Examination (Viva Voce) = After fulfilling all academic and administrative requirements.


    1. Duration of the course
      (a) For regular students.    Not less than 6 and not more than 10 semesters.
      (b) Part time student Not less than 10 semesters and not more than 14 semesters.
    1. To complete enrolment formalities in each semester, the student will submit dues and enrolment form complete in all respect.
    2. Ordinarily a whole time student shall not be enrolled for more than 12 and less than 08 credits in a semester except in the last semester.
    3. At the end of 1st semester a student must attain a GPA of 3.00. However in case of a GPA of 2.5 or above but less than 3.00, he will be given a warning to improve his/her GPA/CGPA and if he/she fails to attain a CGPA of 3.00 in the next semester, his/her admission shall stand cancelled.
    4. Submission of Course Work Program will be due at the end of 1st. Semester


A student admitted to the course shall take a Comprehensive Examination within six weeks of the next semester after he has successfully completed the approved course work program.

Detail: Comprehensive Examinations shall be arranged within 6 weeks of the termination of each regular semester. A student will have to apply for the said exam on the prescribed form at least two months before the examination. If a student does not apply within the specified period or does not appear in the examination, he/she will be deemed to have availed one chance and failed to qualify in the first attempt.

To pass the Comprehensive Examination, a student must obtain not less than grade B in the written and the oral parts, separately.

A student shall not be eligible to sit in the oral part, unless he has qualified in the written part of the Examination.

(i) If a student fails to qualify either in the written or oral part he/she shall be eligible to offer himself/herself again in the part in which he failed, in the subsequent semester/next semester but only once and also within one year of the declaration of the results of the examination.

(ii) If a student is unable to qualify either written or oral part of the Comprehensive Examination twice, he/she shall cease to be on the University rolls. He/she shall not be granted admission in any Ph.D degree program in the University thereafter. 

A student who has passed the comprehensive examination shall be deemed to have become a candidate for admission to Ph.D degree.

Submission of Synopsis to Board of Studies  


At the end of 3rd. semester

Discontinuation of Semester            


Can discontinue only once during Ph.D Program but after 2nd  semester.


A candidate who has passed the Comprehensive Examinations shall be allowed to submit his/her thesis, but before submission he/she will have to defend his/her thesis, at University level. This presentation shall be evaluated by the Supervisory Committee and if found acceptable, the final submission may be allowed. Thesis will be sent abroad for evaluation by two external examiners from technologically advanced countries.