M.Sc. Zoology


The Faculty of Fisheries and Wildlife strives to create an environment that enables teaching and research to attain high levels of excellence and in which its members can achieve their full potential through experimental manipulation of animals for the betterment of humanity and to produce innovative graduates that contribute to the development for national and International scenarios. To provide excellence in higher education,  research and development and  extension services in the field of fisheries and wildlife, thus contributing to economic and social development of our country. The Faculty has successfully developed teaching and research facilities which include fish farms, animal enclosures and pheasantry. Fish hatchery is completely functional. Several induced spawning experiments on both Indian and Chinese major carps have been and are being  conducted. Approximately nine fish varieties are under culture and experimentation on their various aspects of life cycles. Important are Labeo rohita, Catla catla, Cirrhinus mrigala, Ctenopharyngodon idella, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix, Mystus seenghala, Rita rita, and Channa marulius. On the wildlife side we have  mouflon sheep, blackbuck, Hog dear while the pheasants are golden and silver pheasant, peacock, which are focus of our research on their various aspects in captivity. The Faculty is carrying out teaching and research in both basic and applied aspects in the frontier areas such as development of cost effective fish feed, artificial fish breeding, biotechnology, aquatic environment, fish pathology and parasitology, use of biofertilizers in aquaculture, aquaculture in saline water ponds. The purpose of initiating M.Sc. Zoology is to provide an excellent teaching and research platform for the students in various aspects of Zoology in general and in Fisheries and Wildlife in specific.  This opportunity will be an ideal stage to ponder and excellent platform to pursue the career in M.Sc. in Zoology   for those students who are completing their 2 year B.Sc. (Medical group). We do inculcate spirit of idealism but we have staunch belief in perfection and we always struggle and preach for this motto. We are fully confident that what you will see you will get. We are not proclaiming it,  just as formality, but we have a strong background behind it which we reflect in the form of highly qualified and experienced faculty and excellent fully equipped labs and presence of conducive environment facilitating students in fulfilling their dreams providing an excellent place of learning and ample opportunity for sufficient hands on training to equip him/her with daily requirements for running a project, an office or any institution. Keeping in view the demand of the local population of this area and enlighten them with quality knowledge and brighten  future aims and ambitions of life of those students which have completed their B.Sc.(Medical group) with good grades and divisions we are committed to shoulder their career with this degree program. Zoology graduates either can proceed for higher degrees or they can join variety of other institutions which are always hunting them, schools, colleges, various public and private departments/organizations like Fisheries, Wildlife, IUCN, WWF, PWP, Natural History Museum of Pakistan are a few examples. He/she can establish own entrepreneurship and become employer instead of employee, creating  further employment opportunities.