Department of Parasitology


Department of Parasitology was established in 1923 with the aim to generate and disseminate scientific knowledge relating to Parasitology. The department is striving to create awareness among the public about the risks and losses associated with parasites. The department is playing key role in this regard through education and research. Post graduate programme was started in 1978 and so for more than 200 students have completed their M.Sc. (Hons), M. Phil and 21 PhD degrees. Graduates of this department are serving in various national and international organizations. Currently about 50 students are pursuing their post-graduate studies. Department has undergraduate and post graduate laboratories. In future, the department intends to establish advanced Parasitology laboratories in the field of immunoparasitology, molecular Parasitology and parasitic vaccines. The department is engaged in basic & applied research for better understanding of parasitic problems of various hosts and their control.


  • Teaching of D.V.M., M. Phil and PhD students in Parasitology.
  • Conduction of problem oriented basic and applied research with the involvement of post-graduate students.
  • Creation of awareness about parasites and their control.
  • Provision of diagnostic and identification services to the farmers and pet owners.
  • Training of stakeholders and para-veterinary staff through short courses and workshops.


PARACON Pictures

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Laboratory Facilities

Department is well equipped with facilities to undertake research in the discipline. Our laboratory is providing research facilities and has collaboration with other institutes. Department is also imparting diagnostic services to livestock farmers, Lahore Zoo, Brooke Hospital and various departments of the University.   

  • Under Graduate Laboratory
  • Post Graduate Laboratory
  • Molecular Parasitology Laboratory
  • Insectary

Facilities Available

  • Field Level Diagnostic facility for protozoan, Helminthic infections
  • Field Level Diagnostic facility for various ecto-parasitic infestation
  • Commercial molecular diagnostic facility for bovine theileriosis
  • Molecular diagnosis of Toxoplasma gondii, Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium falciparum Trypansoma evansi

Advisory Services to Farmers

Advisory services are available to livestock farmers in parasite control to reduce the economic losses associated with them and to realize improved production by implementing better parasite control programs.

Research Priorities

  • Studies on the prevalence and control of zoonotic parasites.
  • Surveillance, diagnosis and control of economically important helminthic and protozoan infections.
  • Studies on  surveillance , diagnosis and control of Vector born diseases and the arthropods of  veterinary and medical concerns

Staff Position



  1. Prof. Dr. Kamran Ashraf
  2. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid
  3. Prof. Dr. Mian Abdul Hafeez(Tenured)
  4. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Haroon Akbar

Associate Professors

  1. Dr. Muhammad Lateef
  2. Dr. Nisar Ahmad

Assistant Professors

  1. Dr. Muhammad Oneeb

HEC Approved Supervisors

  1. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid
  2. Prof. Dr. Mian Abdul Hafeez (Tenured)
  3. Dr. Nisar Ahmad
  4. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Haroon Akbar
  5. Dr. Muhammad Oneeb

Research Projects Completed






Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid
(As PI)

Dr. Haroon Akbar
(As Co-PI)

Development of recombinant vaccine against toxoplasmosis (GRANT NO. S4-0266-01

Grand Challenges Canada

113000.00 CAD$


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid
(As Co-PI)

Capacity building for vector-borne neglected diseases of livestock

Pakistan-US Science and Technology cooperation program phase 7

356,870.00 US$


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid (As PI)

Dr Haroon AKBAR
(as a team member)

Bovine Theileriosis: Its molecular epidemiology and trials of recombinant vaccine

Punjab Agriculture Research Board

18.2 Million Pak. Rupees


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid (As PI)

Dr ‎Haroon ‎Akbar
(as Co-PI)

Development of Vaccine Based on Either Recombinant Protein or Exo-Antigen is Effective to Control Bovine Babesiosis


8.5 Million Pak. Rupees


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid
(As PI)

Implementation of Our Prototype Elisa Test for Screening Blood Samples of Man and Food Animals


9.941 Million Pak Rupees


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid
(As PI)

Dr Haroon Akbar
(As Co-PI)

Tackling food security by controlling ticks and tick-borne diseases in bovines


152.3 Million Pak. Rupees


Prof. Dr. Mian Abdul Hafeez (As PI)

dvanced Molecular Detection of Toxoplasma gondaii: genomic based laboratory surveillance and reference diagnosis.


 6.2 Millions Pak. Rupees


Prof. Dr. Mian Abdul Hafeez (As PI)

Preparation of ELISA Kit for the Rapid Screening of Babesia under Field Conditions, a Challenging Infection of food Animals


6.2 Millions Pak Rupees


Dr. Haroon Akbar
(As PI)

Development of Molecular Diagnostic Techniques and Phylogenetic Analysis of Local Isolates of Canine Babesiosis




Dr. Haroon Akbar
(As PI)

Dr Javed Iqbal Gondal
(As Co-PI/ Team Leader)

A Study on Worm Burden and Evaluation of Anthelmintic Resistance in Equines

Brooke Hospital for Animals, Pakistan



Dr. Haroon Akbar
(As Co- PI)



469,400/- Pak. Rupees


Dr Haroon Akbar
(As a team member)


UVAS, Lahore

Approx. 1.1 Million Pak. Rupees


Dr ‎Haroon ‎Akbar
(As PI)

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid (As Co-PI)

Isolation and propagation of Neospora caninum, for subsequent vaccine production


approx. ‎7.9/-‎ Million Pak. Rupees


Dr. ‎Haroon ‎Akbar
(As PI)


Development of a Polyvalent Live Vaccine for Intestinal Coccidiosis in Poultry


19.833 Million Pak. Rupees


Dr. ‎Haroon ‎Akbar
(As PI)

Development of Live and Subunit Vaccine for Haemonchosis in Small Ruminants”, 

under PIRCA calls

8.0‎ Million Pak. Rupees


Dr Haroon Akbar for Parasitology Component

ACIAR Small Ruminant Project (Ongoing) in collaboration with University of Melbourne, Austaralia (Dr Rebecca and Dr Angus) an international research project: “ASSOCIATIONS BETWEEN SEASONAL PREVALENCE OF GASTROINTESTINAL PARASITE INFECTIONS, AND ANIMAL HEALTH AND PRODUCTION IN GOATS AND SHEEP IN PUNJAB, PAKISTAN”


Contribution in Kind and Resources Needed


Dr. Haroon Akbar
(As PI)

A project under Consortium Research Grant was shortlisted and the revised project submitted to PSF in 2021 and approved for funding in 2022


6.9 Million


Dr. Haroon Akbar for Parasitology Component

Effects of nutritional supplementation on the GIT parasite-burden & anthelmintic efficacy in young goats in village production systems in three districts of the Punjab” designed as a part of the research-for-development project in Pakistan LS-2018-105 entitled as – “Enhancing small ruminant production to benefit farming families in Sindh and Punjab, Pakistan” funded by the Australian government’s Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) being run by Dr Rebecca Doyle and Dr Angus Campbell, from University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

ACIAR Small Ruminant Project

Contribution in Kind and Resources Needed


Dr. Muhammad Oneeb
(As PI)

Development, characterization and biological efficacy of encapsulated essential oil(s) nanoparticles to control tick infestation in cattle


16.71 Million Pak Rupees


Dr. Muhammad Oneeb
(As PI)

Development and production of bio pesticides for the control of tick infestation in cattle in Pakistan


7.12 Million Pak Rupees


Research Projects Ongoing

Research projects (Faculty Member wise)


Funding  Agency

(in Millions)


Dr. Nisar Ahmad

Development of recombinant tick vaccine




Dr. Imran Rashid

Development of recombinant vaccine against toxoplasmosis

Grand Challenges Canada



Dr. Haroon Akbar

Development of molecular diagnostic techniques & phylogenetic analysis of local isolates of canine Babesiosis





Seminars/ Workshops/ Trainings Organized 2014-15

  • Facilitated Sub-regional workshop on integrated vector management (IVM) organized by WHO & Directorate of malaria control & ministry of health services held at Islamabad. 28th October-2nd November, 2014
  • IOT Training Program HEC-UVAS, Lahore 26-30 August, 2014
  • National Workshop on “Advanced Diagnostics in Parasitology”. 13-14 October 2014
  • Organized Two days National Workshop on “Fight against Toxoplasmosis and use of molecular techniques” in UVAS, Lahore on 1-2 September 2014.
  • One Day Workshop on “INFORMATICS (Microsoft Office) for writing manuscripts 3rd December 2014
  • One Day Workshop on “ENDNOTE for writing manuscripts”4th December 2014
  • Two Days Workshop on “INFORMATICS (Microsoft Office) and ENDNOTE for writing manuscripts” 26-27 December 2014
  • Organized Lecture on"Requirements of Integrity and Bioethics for ongoing Research” by Mr. Zohaib Sayyed (Genetics and Genomics in the Division of Biological Chemistry at Medical University Innsbruck, Austria)13th February 2015
  • Two Day Workshop on “Scientific Proposal Writing”19-20 February 2015
  • Two Day Workshop on “Applied Biostatistics”.26-27 May 2015
  • Two Day Workshop on “INFORMATICS (Microsoft Office) and ENDNOTE for writing manuscripts” 28-29 May 2015
  • 3 months French language course in collaboration with Alliance Français du Lahore 1st April to 30th June 2015
  • Organized Two days National Workshop on “Advanced Diagnostics in Parasitology” in UVAS, Lahore on 13-14 November 2014.
  • Training session on “Liverfluke Disease Awareness” organized by 24/7 extension service in Narowal on 01-01-2014.
  • Public Seminars on awareness against dengue 2014
  • Public Seminars on awareness against dengue 2015

Courses Offered for M.Phil in Parasitology

PARA 1001

Advanced Parasitology General


PARA 1002

Advanced Protozoology


PARA 1003

Medical Entomology


PARA 1004

Diagnostic Techniques in Parasitology


PARA 1005

Wildlife Parasitology


PARA 1006

Chemotherapy of Parasitic Diseases


PARA 1007

Physiology of Endoparasites


PARA 1008

Immunology of Parasitic Infections


PARA 1009

Ecology of Animal Parasites


PARA 1010

Medical Protozoology and Helminthology


PARA 1011

Applied Helminthology


PARA 1012

Epidemiology of Parasitic Diseases


PARA 1013

In-Vitro Cultivation of Parasites


PARA 1014

Biotechnology for Parasitic Control


PARA 1015

Techniques in Molecular Parasitology


PARA 1016

Advanced Parasitic Zoonoses


PARA 1017

Food and Waterborne Parasitic Diseases


PARA 1018

Avian Parasitology      


PARA 1019

Veterinary Clinical Parasitology


PARA 1020

Research Methodologies and Ethics in Parasitology


Courses offered for Ph.D program in Parasitology

Sr No.

Course Number

Course Title

Credit Hours


PARA 01031
































PARA 1039‎



Department Faculty Contributed Research Papers in National & International Journals.

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  • Naeem H, Ashraf K, Rashid MI, Rehman HU, Oneeb M, Akbar H. 2014. Insecticide resistance status of anopheles subpictus from district Kasur, Punjab. Science International. 26(3): 1205-1208.
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  • Idrees A, Chaudhary ZI, Younus M, Ashraf K. 2014. Isolation and molecular detection of Clostridium chauvoei alpha toxin gene from clinical cases of black quarter in cattle. Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences. 24(3): 755-759. IF: 0.549.
  • Chaudhry UN, Ali AA, Ashraf S, Khan MT, Nadeem SM, Ashraf K. 2014. Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii infection in camels (Camelus dromedaries) in and around Bahawalpur region of Pakistan. Journal of Infection and Molecular Biology. 2(1): 16-18.
  • Chaudhry U, van Paridon B, Shabbir MZ, Shafee M, Ashraf K, Yaqub T, Gilleard J. 2015. Molecular evidence shows that the liver fluke Fasciola gigantica is the predominant Fasciola species in ruminants from Pakistan. Journal of Helminthology. 11: 1-8. IF: 1.421.
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