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A novel diagnostic modality

UVAS CMS Dept. Launches Horse Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography Facility. First time in Pakistan



Diagnostic ultrasound is considered the gold standard in the evaluation of musculoskeletal disorders in horses esp. tendon and ligaments. Tendon and ligament injuries are relatively common among equine athletes as Pakistan Horse Industry is flourishing with great pace. Horses engaged in strenuous work such as racing, polo, jumping, endurance or draught horses are more likely to sustain a tendon or ligament injury. Keeping in view these facts,  initially through HEC SRGP Funding, Dr. Shehla Gul Bokhari, Pet Centre, successfully launched horse musculoskeletal ultrasonography to enhance the horse health care facilities in Pakistan. Through her current HEC-TDF Funded Projects on Color Doppler Sonography, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Shock Wave Therapy, UVAS Clinical Diagnostic and Treatment Services are yet bestowed with another royal feather.