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Commercially available

Molecular Diagnostic Test for Bovine theileriosis

At Molecular Parasitology Laboratory, UVAS, Lahore


Theileriosis of large ruminants causes huge losses to dairy farmers. Molecular parasitology laboratory has developed confirmatory diagnosis through Polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This test detects accurately theileriosis in cattle and buffaloes with no false positive results as in case of microscopic observation. The test is commercially available for the farmers at a cost of Rupees 500/= per sample in the molecular parasitology laboratory. Send your blood samples in EDTA vacutainers (unclotted blood) in cold chain to the laboratory. Early diagnosis of theileriosis may save the productivity and life of your cattle or buffalo.


Contact person for information:

Ms. Amina Bajwa
0315 7711886


Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid
Assistant Professor
Department of Parasitology,
UVAS, Lahore