Department of Clinical Sciences

Chairman Message

The department of clinical Sciences comprises three sections i.e. Clinical Medicine, Surgery and Theriogenology. These sections are the life and soul of veterinary profession. This is only department which imparts the practical training to the students about bringing into direct collision with animals. This departsment of is the essence of veterinary nosegay. Having gone through the preliminary information’s, when students come to this department they are taught about how to apply that knowledge on animals affected with a host of clinical and sub clinical problems whether they fall into the domain of veterinary medicine, surgery or animal reproduction. How to enable oneself for inspecting the healthy and sick animals before or after treatment period. Different techniques or methods are taught to students for bringing the robust and vigorous animals under control. Beside it clinical cases bringing from far and wide at the clinics are demonstrated. Vaccinations facility for animals is provided at threshed of farmers living in surroundings of college round the year. An extremely debilitated and sick animals are treated at the doorstep of the farmers. Advisory services are rendered to farmers and owner of dairy farmers residing in and around the city of Jhang. All these three sections are equipped with a variety of sophisticated diagnostic tools ultrasonography, x-ray machine and surgical instruments etc. this department has its own experimental animals. In short it may be said that this department is doing its level best to serve the nation with its blood and intellect. Come forward and join this college as student to ameliorate you lot. God bless you.



  1. Veterinary Medicine
  2. Veterinary Surgery and Radiology
  3. Theriogenology / Animal Reproduction
  4. Epidemiology and Public Health


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