Ravi Campus


In June 2002 on the up gradation of the college of veterinary sciences to the status of the University, Punjab Government allotted about 1000 Acres at Pattoki for the establishment of the sub campus for the education and research work activities. This is named as Ravi Campus, Pattoki. Following degree programs are being offered at this campus:-

  • Under Graduate Programs
    BS (Hons) Dairy Technology
    BS (Hons) Poultry Sciences
    BS (Hons) Fisheries & Aquaculture/ Applied  Zology
  • Post Graduate Programs
    M.Phil Dairy Technology & Animal Nutrition
    Ph.D Live stock Management
    Fiseries & Aquaculture
    Poultry Sciences
    Animal Breeding and Genetics
  • Diplomas
    Live Stock Assistant Diploma (2 year Morning & Evening Program)
    Poultry Assistant Diploma (2 year Program)


  • To impart quality education with rich opportunities of Hands on Training & research.      
  • Development of about 1000 acres of land taken over from Government of Punjab.
  • Preparation of land for cultivation of fodder for experimental animals
  • Production of fodder for University farms (Dairy & Small Ruminants)
  • Sowing of fodder cash crops etc. for income generation
  • Copy Of DSC 6434
  • DSC 3859
  • DSC 4192
  • DSC 4494
  • DSC 4692
  • DSC 4698
  • DSC 4762
  • DSC 6437
  • DSC 6481
  • DSC 6528
  • DSC 7649

Bird Eyeviewof Ravi Campus

Ravi Campus