Dr. Muhammad Saeed Imran

DVM (UAF), M.Sc. Hons. (UAF), Ph.D. Scholar Pathology (UVAS)
Assistant Professor

Tel: 92-42-99211449-50/183  Mobile: 0300-6560071
Email: poultryconsultant@yahoo.com


Dr. Saeed Imran is assistant professor in department of pathology UVAS, Lahore. He did his DVM from UAF, MSc (Hons.) in Veterinary Pathology from UAF. Now he is PhD scholar in department of Pathology in UVAS, Lahore. He has about 18 years field experience in poultry sector regarding disease diagnosis. He earned many appreciations both from government and private sector. He delivered many seminars on environment controlled houses in poultry and also on investigation of disease on the basis of necropsy examination. He also published an atlas titled “A color atlas of gross pathology of avian diseases”. Now he is poultry consultant in the department of pathology in postmortem block. He has five years teaching experience in UAF subcampus Toba Tek Singh. He joined UVAS as assistant professor from 25-05- 2011. He is taking various courses in the department of pathology both on undergraduate and postgraduate level. He is visiting consultant of Lahore Zoo specially in necropsy. He is also the member of internship committee of DVM classes.

Areas of Interest

  1. Poultry disease investigation
  2. Postmortem of poultry and large animals
  3. Modern controlled poultry houses construction regarding to disease control.
  4. Histopathology


  1. A color atlas of gross pathology of avian diseases
  1. Prophylactic efficacy of effective microorganisms against avian Salmonellosis. “Nature farming and environment international” J 1562.255X/2001/2-1-19-23-2001.
  2. Pullorum disease in Zari digest UAF
  3. Importance of litter in Zari digest UAF
  4. Whitish mucoid diarrhea in kisKan time





HEC Approved Supervisor